Szabina Huttner

Lead, Partner Operations & Digital Enablement

Commerce Operations (CO)

Szabina is the Leader for Partner Operations & Digital Enablement within Cisco’s Commerce Operations (CO) organization, focusing on driving operational readiness, productivity, effectiveness and experience at scale for Cisco’s partners and distributors. Szabina brings over 7 years’ experience working with Cisco’s Partners in multiple roles within EMEAR and APJC regions and now globally. Her focus is to understand partner needs and advocate towards a frictionless experience to do business with Cisco across our commerce lifecycle. She’s passionate about building strategic partnerships and driving synergies for one unified partner experience. Before joining Cisco, Szabina gained experience in customer services, business development and consulting. Szabina holds a Masters (Msc) Degree in International Management from Vienna University of Business and Economics. She lives in Singapore where she loves discovering the local culture and enjoys sharing her passion for social dancing with the community.


June 24, 2022


Best-in-Class Learning Experiences: Combining Human and Digital Elements for Maximum Impact

2 min read

Our Partner Readiness Hub's new approach to learning focuses on combining the best of human and digital elements to provide the most effective educational experience possible, while also keeping our partners engaged.