Cisco Live San Diego is in full swing! There is a lot going on throughout the week and Cisco Security is showing up in a big way.  Whether you’re in person or not, some exciting announcements came out during the week and I want to make sure you are in the know about all things security. Check out our Security Launch Hub for all of the available partner and distributor launch training sessions and additional information and assets.

Security Announcements Overview

In order to keep up with today’s digital world, customers have to secure business happening all over – on-network, off-network, in the cloud, or with a more mobile workforce.

Given this need for innovation,  Cisco is redesigning the future of the firewall: providing customers with consistent, cloud-delivered security management overseeing innovative firewalling controls wherever they need to be deployed.  Cisco adds security analytics on top to make policy even sharper and security responses faster.

In addition to new announcements for firewall, Cisco is also enhancing how we protect what’s on the network with improvements to Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Email Security.  Security for what’s off-network gets more powerful too as AMP for Endpoints gains endpoint isolation while we unveil a robust application workload security solution to bring security closer to the application wherever it operates.

So, let’s take a closer look at all of our major security announcements.

Future of the Firewall

We have a few exciting announcements coming out around our network security offerings.

We are introducing a new Firepower appliance, the Firepower 1000 series, for our small business customers and branch offices, that will deliver superior security with improved performance at a great value.

We are announcing added improvements to Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO). CDO is a cloud-based application that cuts down on complexity to save time by allowing customers to consistently manage policies across Cisco ASA, FTD and Meraki MX devices.  If you are attending CLUS, stop by our Security booth in the World of Solutions to see a live demo of CDO for yourself. You can also offer your customers a free trial of CDO so they can see the value for themselves.

We are also expanding our Cisco Threat Response (CTR) offer by incorporating next-generation firewall (NGFW).  CTR is being leveraged today by both small organizations and large enterprises with sophisticated Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Our new CTR integration with Cisco NGFW will allow customers to rapidly detect, investigate, and respond to threats. With CTR, customers have the ability to prioritize and triage IPS alerts with the new incident manager. CTR allows your customers to streamline threat investigation by reducing time spent on security investigation tasks and achieve better security through automation.  Learn more about the value CTR can deliver to your customers here.

Not only do we have these exciting new product level network security announcements, but we have a great new partner program that will put some extra cash in your pocket! We are announcing a limited time Partner Deal Registration promotion called Ignite the Firewall that will increase your partner profitability to unprecedented levels whether you are selling new, migrating, or refreshing your customers to the latest Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls. This limited time offer expires in late July.  Learn more here.

On the Network

Extending Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) deployments to every part of the network is now accelerated with the Stealthwatch Flow Sensor to detect threats in encrypted traffic.

We easily ensure encryption compliance with the intuitive Cryptographic Audit app.   Additionally, customers can now automatically configure ETA through Cisco DNA Center.

These new developments provide you with a great opportunity to re-engage with any of our customers who have partial ETA deployments.

As email continues to be one of the biggest threat vectors, we are also continuing to invest and innovate our Email Security offer. At Cisco Live US, we are underscoring the power of our newest Email Security innovation.  New features and benefits include mailbox auto-remediation, expanding support for Cisco Threat Response (CTR) and content disarm.

We are also releasing our latest Cisco Cybersecurity report – Email: Click with Caution– in which we examine current phishing trends and threats like digital extortion and business email compromise. Get your copy of the report and share it with your customers so they can get some tips and tricks for combating email threats.

Off the Network

A new feature we are announcing for AMP for Endpoints is Endpoint Isolation which allows for rapid containment to limit the scale of an attack. By isolating infected devices wherever they are, on or off network, you can limit the impact an attack will have on your network. This will also help minimize your customers’ remediation cost and maintain forensics.

Every business leverages applications and applications are helping organizations digitize and reach new customers.  But what are the security implications as customers are trying to manage their new and changing application environment?  We are introducing Cisco Application-First Security that brings security closer to that application so that the security footprint is tailored to each specific application.  The solution includes:

  • Tetration– application segmentation and risk management
  • Stealthwatch Cloud– threat visibility for public networks and private clouds
  • Duo– establish user-device trust and secure access to applications
  • AppDynamics– application performance monitoring and management

To learn more about these updates and announcements make sure you check out our Security Launch Hub on SalesConnect and have attended one of our partner training webinars.  If you missed the training for your region you can find the recording on our launch hub as well as supporting sales assets so you can start engaging with your customers today. Also, check out Selling Security for the latest partner centric news and updates for Cisco Security.

Attending Cisco Live US?   

In addition to our great launch announcements there will be some great ways to engage with Cisco Security if you are going to be onsite in San Diego.  Check out the What Is the Future of the Firewall? keynote on Wednesday, June 12 at 11:30am PT, speaker Jeff Reed, SVP of security product management, will discuss the future of the firewall and share demos of Cisco Defense Orchestrator and Cisco Threat Response.

Cisco Security will present 162 sessions at Cisco Live. Check out the Cisco Live security page to plan your schedule for the week. Visit our Security Village in the World of Solutions to attend expo sessions, network and see live demos of our security products in action.  To learn more about everywhere Cisco Security is going to be at Cisco Live US check out this blog post by Gene Hall.

If you can’t attend Cisco Live in person, don’t forget you can still get in on the action by tuning into the live broadcast or watch the recordings on SalesConnect.


Dave Gronner

Senior Manager, Security Partner Go To Market

Global Partner Organization