Partner Success Story

The TIKI Corporation, one of the fastest growing and leading online retailers in Vietnam, had a good problem: a growing demand for its services. But, they faced growing pains, too.

TIKI’s call center wasn’t equipped to keep up with the high volume of customer calls coming in, often shutting down right at peak time. And, the opensource software they were running wasn’t compatible with the company’s CRM platform. kept crashing, agents spent too much time dealing with glitches, and the customer experience ratings were quickly falling.

The company needed a partner that could improve call center technology and help day-t0-day operations run more smoothly – right away, but also as TIKI’s business continued to grow.

Enter Base Business Solutions (BBS), a Cisco partner and top software provider in Vietnam’s technology sector.

Our BBS team brought a solution that could handle immediate problems and set up TIKI’s call center for lasting success. By replacing their opensource software platform with Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express package, TIKI could successfully handle more than 7,000 calls per day.

And with the new system, agents can spend less time troubleshooting and more time helping customers. And, best of all, TIKI’s customer experience numbers and NPS scores are now on the rise. They’re even getting compliments from people calling in.

Callers are happy with the faster response time, and TIKI has a way to deal with its growing pains going forward. Another example of Cisco and our partner ecosystem teaming up to help our customers stay more connected to the people they serve.

Between identifying a need and answering the call, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing