Partners are focused on delivering the best customer and workforce experiences using technology, and more often than not, this digitization is enabled by software. Digital transformation creates an unbelievable opportunity for Cisco partners to move from selling boxes to selling software solutions to address customers’ evolving needs.

We are seeing partners mobilize to capture the software opportunity, and there are four main ways they can increase revenue with Cisco Software and build their software practices:

  • Sell software as a solution
  • Sell software with an understanding of customers consumption needs
  • Sell Lifecycle Advisory Services
  • Sell Advanced Software Integration and Development Services

A roles-based framework within the Cisco Partner Ecosystem

In May, the Global Partner Program launched two new software business roles within our existing Partner Ecosystem:  Lifecycle Advisor and Integrator. These new roles consist of eligibility requirements as well as value exchanges and a performance-based reward structure to help partners grow and monetize their software business with Cisco. The initial versions of the roles are focused on delivering software, and are offered by invitation only to new and existing partners.

Lifecycle Advisors deliver services across the land, adopt, expand, and renew stages in the IT investment process and help customers get the full value of their investments in Cisco’s solutions.

Integrators are experts in software integration and development, programming, API management and DevOps which benefit customers through advanced integration and optimization of enterprise applications running on Cisco infrastructure.

Both roles provide additional opportunities for partners to drive profitability by creating their own high-value, high-margin services. The role design incorporates programmatic recognition and differentiation for partners, and uses a flexible approach so partners can build capabilities or partner across the Ecosystem. There is no requirement to invest or gain capabilities, but current and future partners will be encouraged to participate to differentiate themselves in the market.











New Value Exchanges & Performance Based Incentives

Lifecycle Advisor

Rewards are offered for success at every step, including:

  • Adopt incentives for a Customer Success Plan that drives service adoption and successful results
  • Expand incentives for incremental bookings that result from adoption within an architecture
  • Renew incentives for on time renewals and loyalty of subscription customers (coming soon)


Rewards are offered for success with:

  • Referral incentives for recommending Cisco software and driving incremental business with customers
  • Performance incentives when partners build solutions based on Cisco’s software platform for their customers

Partner Enablement

Cisco also provides enablement to equip and support our partners all along the journey.

We help Lifecycle Advisors to get to market quickly with:

  • Lifecycle Management Workshop for Executives helps partners align their software lifecycle services practice to their overall business objectives
  • Lifecycle Management Workshop for Practitioners helps practitioners develop best practices for each stage of the software lifecycle

We help Integrators to get to market quickly with:

  • Developer evangelists (where available) provide subject matter expertise and sales assistance on large opportunities
  • Dedicated hackathons for joint customer solutions
  • DevNet* offers tools and a testing sandbox environment for implementations
  • Not for resale licenses to test new software development ideas in your own labs
  • Developer briefings offer information about the latest offers and opportunities
  • Cisco Partner Ecosystem networking events to help partners collaborate with other partners

Now is a perfect time to explore the new roles and assess how this new way of doing business with Cisco.


Grace Lo

Director, Global Partner Programs

Global Partner Organization