Partner Success Story

When your goal is to help people take care of their finances, you need fast, trustworthy solutions. That’s precisely what Mcredit offers—but until recently, the Vietnamese consumer finance company did not have a speedy, reliable call center to match its user-friendly offerings.

After joining forces with an established bank, Mcredit reached a tipping point: They needed to upgrade their call center to handle a growing customer base. Their time-consuming open-source contact system, which required agents to dial manually, wasn’t going to pass muster any longer.

To up their game, Mcredit sought a partner with the latest call-center technology at their fingertips. They found one in Base Business Solutions, a Ho Chi Minh City–based firm offering a strong solution from Cisco.

Through the experts at Base, Mcredit implemented Cisco’s Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE), a web-based system that met all their wish-list criteria. PCCE lets more than 750 customer-service agents manage and record every customer interaction, whether it’s by voice, email, web chat, or video call. It lets agents “click to call” rather than dial manually, and it scores agents’ performance through reporting and recording. PCCE even allows Mcredit to integrate their core products into the call center, increasing customers’ self-service rates.

With their new system in place, Mcredit has markedly improved the customer experience by solving issues quickly and effectively. They’ve empowered their agents with customer pop-up information for seamless support. And they’ve increased productivity with lower response times and increased calls per agent.

These days, Mcredit can put their money where their mouth is. They offer fast and efficient financial solutions—supported by a call center that’s just as swift and dependable.

Between lower dividends and mega-return investments, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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