May 19, 2015


Three Things I Learned on Day 1 of the OpenStack Summit

3 min read

Defcore is Totally Vanilla and it’s about to get REAL Defcore is indeed Vanilla OpenStack. That is what panel participants conceded when asked about it in the Defcore session I attended yesterday. They don’t necessarily love the characterization (apparently they’re asked it on a regular basis), but bottom line: that’s what it is. It’s a […]

April 23, 2015


OSpod #28: An Interview with John Dickinson

39 min read

One of the original projects of OpenStack at the time that it launched was Swift, an Object Storage platform born out of Rackspace. A couple of months ago, we interviewed Joe Arnold, SwiftStack Founder and CPO. This week, we talked to John Dickinson, who serves as Director of Technology at SwiftStack and Project Technical Lead for the OpenStack Swift […]

February 24, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #20: Joe Arnold

35 min read

From days of setting up internet in his dorm and almost being kicked out of college for it, Joe Arnold’s tech roots are strong, and his passion is contagious. In the latest OpenStack Podcast, join the founder and CEO of SwiftStack as he discusses: OpenStack Swift: What is it? How the Enterprise Storage market is changing […]