Last week we announced a major evolution to the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). It introduces a new era of networking, that brings intent-based management solutions and services to businesses. It protects networks like never before, makes them more flexible and responsive, and turns network traffic data into actionable business insights. It’s the biggest upgrade to networking we’ve ever shipped.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the drivers for this new era of networking. The proliferation of hundreds of millions – soon to be billions – of connected devices demands a network that can manage this scale, and adapt to the changing environment. The growth in IoT is, in turn, driven by business opportunities, as the data generated by these connected devices can be applied to measurable business results.

Our goal is to streamline the path from connecting things to deriving business value for our customers. This requires the automated management of millions or billions of devices, and unlocking data at a scale that’s never been achieved before.

Today we made two big announcements to deliver on this goal.

First, we launched Cisco Jasper Control Center 7.0, the biggest update of the world’s largest IoT connectivity management platform. With Control Center 7.0 we’ve introduced an unmatched approach to IoT solutions. We’re giving customers, and our service provider partners, the flexibility to implement the IoT capabilities and services that are right for them, and the ability to scale their IoT businesses.

We also introduced Cisco Kinetic, our IoT operations platform, which streamlines the capability of companies bringing their IoT initiatives to market. Developed with three key areas of focus – Connection Management, Fog Computing, and Data Delivery – Cisco Kinetic will help enterprises accelerate the path from proof of concept to implementation, and give our partners a powerful foundation on which to build additional services.

We’re bringing these critical pieces together to power IoT success via the new network, and we’re doing it alongside industry-leading strategic partners. And we will continue to partner in the IoT ecosystem to deliver a full stack of IoT solutions to our customers.

Cisco is making the network of the future available to you, today. We’re giving you the power to leverage your networks, your connected devices, and the explosion of valuable data produced by those devices, to drive your business forward.

Learn more about Cisco’s new IoT solutions and let me know what you think of the opportunities they open up for your business @rowantrollope.



Rowan Trollope

Senior Vice President and General Manager

IoT and Collaboration Technology Group