To read the first part of the Network Matters blog series that focuses on how IT leaders can rely on a network to simplify the process of onboarding new mobile technology, click here. To read the second part of the series that discusses how an architectural approach to mobility is essential for the Future of Mobility, click here.

The ultimate goal of business mobility is to drive better productivity, heightened customer experience, and achieve a harmonious work/life balance.

As we’ve discussed over the course of this Network Matters blog series, businesses can support and shape further adoption of this key technology and capture its full benefits by implementing the right network solutions.

It’s also important to discuss how business mobility represents an opportunity for service providers (SPs). I’m going to address three of them:

  1. Consumerization of IT to offer cloud-delivered mobility services at lower cost-to-serve, as well as service delivery reinvention
  2. New emerging and monetizable business models to support consumer desire for unique service offerings
  3. Consolidation of the business mobility market to provide a more integrated, end-to-end value proposition

Service providers can deepen their enterprise customer relationships by addressing pain points and meeting new enterprise mobility challenges. According to a recent Cisco whitepaper, here are some ways SPs can embrace new mobile opportunities by focusing on comprehensive network solutions.

Consumerization of IT

Consumers are starting to use cloud-based mobility applications that are available on different devices. For example, online services such as Dropbox, Carbonite, Evernote and Box are migrating their consumer offerings to businesses.

The convergence of next-generation cloud services and business mobility is a game changer that will provide SPs with unique opportunities to offer cloud-delivered mobility services at lower cost-to-serve, reinvent service delivery and address the IT needs of businesses in unprecedented ways.

New Emerging and Monetizable Business Models

Recent research supports that employees are interested in unique offerings such as virtual desktop as a service and pervasive collaboration. This illustrates the desire for mobility services that offer a distinct and clear value proposition.

SPs can explore a plethora of advanced, managed mobility offerings that already intrigue customers. In light of the continued erosion of voice and data prices in the consumer segment, these business models provide new growth opportunities for service providers.Network Matters - Post 3 v2

Consolidation of Business Mobility Value Chain

By keeping the Intelligent Network a priority, SPs have a tremendous opportunity to consolidate the business mobility market and provide a more integrated, end-to-end value proposition.

This has the potential to increase the average revenue per user from enterprise business mobility customers. It could also reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction. SPs currently offer devices and some after-sale service support, but have a limited play in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. If SPs were to bring all aspects of devices, applications, and managed services under one roof, they would create strong competitive differentiation.

To maximize the business value of mobility, the remaining pain points will need to be understood and addressed by CIOs and service providers alike. CIOs are not sufficiently aware of these forthcoming trends, and in many organizations, business mobility solutions are already lagging. Service providers are well positioned to aid the CIO by delivering new business mobility solutions, thereby accelerating the CIO’s time to market through managed offers. But they must take action to ensure that these solutions are available.

To sum it up, what ties together these three opportunities and makes it possible for SPs to realize them is the network. Essentially the network is data-in-motion that provides vital context every step of the way. It is the intelligent network that clues you in to what is going on and tips you off, if you will, on the right solutions for the targeted business outcomes. If you were looking for a strong ally, no need to look any further.

Our final blog from our four-part Network Matters series will discuss how mobility is driving a new world of applications and the trend of how businesses are looking for application-driven experiences run on an intelligent network. To join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #CiscoYourWay.

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