The digital age has ushered in a new and exciting time for the media industry. It’s great for consumers who now have their pick of affordable, high-quality content from any device, anywhere, at any time. It’s great for media organizations that have embraced digitization and can respond rapidly to give consumers truly amazing experiences. Unfortunately, it’s also “great” for cyber criminals, who are constantly attacking infrastructure to steal and distribute video content and personal customer information.

As a media company, you need an approach to security that allows you to protect your business and your customers while taking advantage of all the benefits that IP transformation offers.

Transforming with confidence

Cloud and IP technologies are unlocking extraordinary capabilities for your media organization to excel from creation through consumption. Transitioning from SDI to IP is allowing you to transform your production environment to meet the expectations of today’s evolving video consumers for live broadcasts, live streams on social media, and mixed reality experiences on demand. Satisfying the requirements for today’s production organizations, cloud and IP technology are enabling greater agility, lower cost, and the flexibility you need to deliver premium 4K/UHD content.

However, as you make the shift to IP, you need to rethink how you are protecting your premium content and production environment due to the increasing vulnerability to attacks.

Cybersecurity attacks, an explosion of uncontrolled consumer devices, and illegal online video consumption lead to increased risks for media providers as they transition to IP. While you work tirelessly to create captivating experiences to keep and attract subscribers, cyber criminals work tirelessly to infiltrate your infrastructure in order to access valuable content, data, and systems. Hackers and pirates continuously evolve their methods to avoid detection and can steal content in a matter of hours. Yet because the industry average to detect attacks is 100 – 200 days, you may not know a breach has occurred until they’re long gone and the damage is done.

Cisco Security for Media

Traditionally, to protect the media data center and corporate IT environments from sophisticated attacks, media organizations have turned to a patchwork of disparate security technologies from several different vendors. This fragmented approach leads to security gaps that you are unable to control and see. Hackers and pirates are exploiting these vulnerabilities to directly impact your business and your customers.

To protect your business and valuable content, you need a truly holistic approach to security. Adopted by over 100 content and media providers worldwide, Cisco’s comprehensive security solution secures the infrastructure and protects content services from growing threats.

Protecting against cyber attacks

Our multi-layered cyber security solution is simple, open, and automated. Based on an architecture that integrates best-of-breed technologies that work in concert, you get the visibility and control you need for robust infrastructure protection across media production and IT environments. Backed by Talos, the largest threat telemetry network and research team in the world, you can be sure you have the latest in threat intelligence. Our unique solution extends visibility into the network, successfully lowering the time to detect and respond to an attack that is unmatched. In fact, we’ve decreased the time to detect to as low as six hours.

Fighting piracy

So that you can truly embrace cloud and IP technologies, Cisco provides protection for your video content and services. We provide an adaptive security approach to detect forms of piracy affecting your business, including  a unique solution that uses automated tools and methods to identify, verify, and eliminate online streaming piracy in real time.


What does all of this mean? You now can have comprehensive security across your entire media production and delivery chain – from content acquisition, to production, distribution and consumption. Only Cisco delivers effective security that is simple, open, and automated so media organizations can confidently embrace all of the opportunities IP transformation offers.

Let us show you how we can help secure your digital transformation journey. Join us at the Cisco booth #SU8502CM in South Upper, Connected Media at NAB 2017.

Look forward to seeing you there. Please make sure to check out our Service Provider Security page as well.


Marc E. Aldrich

Senior Vice President

GSP Americas