Last week, the annual 4G World show was hosted in everyone’s favorite windy city—Chicago!  This year, I was lucky enough to be a keynote speaker for the event.  It’s always an honor to speak at an event on behalf of Cisco and the countless folks that have made our SP Mobility a success.  As the show progressed, I was reminded at how far the world of mobility has come in such a short amount of time.  Moreover, I was amazed at the vast amount of new opportunities that have emerged as a result this rapidly evolving market.  I am extremely excited about what the next year will bring!

Aside from the keynote event, I spent the vast majority of my time in meetings with new and existing service provider customers.  The conversations were both lively and productive, and the major topics on the minds of customers included 4G coverage, capacity, services, and security.

The prevailing question that emerged in nearly every conversation was as follows—how can SPs optimize their current assets and define new strategies for monetizing services?  In my opening keynote, we covered this topic exploring new value-added services that can help service providers create new revenue streams and improve their bottom lines.

One example that we covered involved Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is a fairly commonly-known solution for selective capacity offload; but it can offer a service provider so much more.  In this case, Wi-Fi can become a platform for creating innovative location-based and value-added services such as mobile advertising.  This approach helps operators build a new revenue opportunity while at the same time offering a potential solution for reducing customer churn.

In fact, Cisco and our enterprise and service provider customers are transforming business by introducing new, Wi-Fi-based service innovation that deliver an enhanced mobile experience for the end user.  These new, personalized mobile experiences re-define the way organizations engage with consumers and employees, expanding revenue opportunities and business efficiency.   We will share these innovations in an upcoming webcast on Nov. 15 at 10 am PT.

Hope you can join us!


Kelly Ahuja

Senior Vice President

Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions