Belkin Announces Intent to Acquire Linksys

January 24, 2013 - 5 Comments

Today, Belkin announced its intent to acquire Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit and its leading brand, Linksys.  With this agreement, we are pleased to preserve the strong Linksys brand and create a win-win relationship in the market.

Linksys is a strong and enduring brand with a talented team that has helped revolutionize the way we experience the world from our homes through a wide range of home routing and networking solutions with innovative software features that  enable anytime, anywhere access and control of the home network and its connected devices.

Combined, Belkin and Linksys will create a world-class consumer networking technology provider with complementary innovation and engineering strategies. Linksys will enhance Belkin’s capabilities to meet the needs of OEMs, as well as provide access to a large user base. Belkin and Cisco intend to pursue a strategic relationship focused on a variety of initiatives including retail distribution, strategic marketing and products for the service provider market.

Linksys has long been an important member of the Cisco family and we are confident that we have found the best buyer in Belkin. We look forward to witnessing Belkin’s growth as they bring Linksys into their family.


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  1. I’m delighted to share that today Belkin completed the acquisition of Linksys.

  2. I would wonder the lost on the acqusition of linksys. Cisco had a good product line for the consumer base. I have purchased many of their products since living in Florida. While working in Orlando I support 2 wire years ago and it seem ok. ATT will have to go to a Belkin brand for the consumer I assume. It was nice to see the Cisco product line brought to the home because it brings the brand out to regular people an not all of us arrested but loving the networking field.

  3. Finally, Cisco is undoing some of the damage they wrought through those horrible overpriced consumer-level acquisitions. Talk about losing focus. Their poor investors have trod water for ten years. I’m amused that we aren’t seeing the amount from Belkin revealed. Gee – is it *possible* that Cisco lost money on the Linksys ack all those years ago?

    This actually makes me think about investing in some Cisco shares now. I’d sure like to see a hike in their dividend, though.

  4. I wonder what this means for AT&T U-Verse.
    They currently use set top boxes from Cisco, with a rumor of “finally” replacing the horrible “2wire” residential gateway for one from Cisco.
    Does this mean no residential gateway from Cisco for AT&T U-Verse because it would be done under a “consumer” label? Or is it considered something else where it will not be effected by something like this?
    I guess more waiting…

  5. nice article thanks for sharing 🙂