Be bold for change.

These words are the call to action for this year’s International Women’s Day (Wednesday, ‪March 8). They call attention to women’s issues around the world – top of mind for so many of us. They also focus on our ability to address these issues and recreate the world according to a more inclusive and equitable vision.

I believe in bold change. Cisco believes in bold change. And I’m honored to head up Corporate Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility, where we’ve made a commitment to positively impact one billion people by 2025. We’ve been bold – and we’re getting bolder. Expanding signature programs and piloting a great many new ones.

As part of this work, we support and invest in nonprofit organizations that promote social change around the world – small, large, established, and up and coming. Many of these global problem solvers have developed innovative solutions to empower women to lift themselves out of poverty and create their own opportunities.

Technology has consistently and increasingly proven a vital partner in these endeavors. At Cisco, we believe a strong digital foundation is key to accelerating innovation and problem-solving. Similar to any business customer we support, we help social change organizations around the world by donating Cisco technologies, contributing our expertise, and providing early stage seed funding.

We help them increase operational efficiencies and leverage technology to reach more people in need. Providing banking services, improving access to water, food, and shelter, developing job training programs, and much, much more.

Technology can help make your great ideas a reality, build programs that help a community of women, and sustainably scale them to impact millions. I’m honored we play a part.

On a day when we celebrate the unique role of women in our world, I take heart that the world’s never had the volume of tools for social change that we have today nor the technology to make them go further. So be bold and make whatever you can imagine possible.

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Tae Yoo

No Longer with Cisco