Often we focus on the challenges associated with IT with little consideration of the end user viewpoint.  In Cisco’s Work Your Way Global Study, completed in January of 2013, we polled over 1300 IT professionals and business-focused end users around the globe to investigate how BYOD is not only affecting IT, but how the challenges directly impact the end user experience.  We were curious to compare and contrast the different viewpoints to understand if the difficulties IT was facing had an impact on how end users get their devices on the network, access business applications and perform day-to-day activities on the move. Check out the Borderless Blog to see our awesome infographic

Lack of IT visibility into applications and end user activity could result in inefficient planning and management of the network environment as more devices come onto the network . More interesting, when looking into the process of on-boarding end-user devices neither IT nor end users agreed that the process was easy.

Cisco Unified Access, just revamped at Cisco Live! London, addresses these issues by delivering:

  • One Policy to aid in streamlining how end users provision their devices on the network
  • One Management for a single converged view of the wired and wireless network, users, their devices and the applications use don those devices
  • One Network for a simplified access infrastructure that delivers increased performance that scale to support BYOD and Mobility initiatives.

To understand how Cisco addresses these challenges visit the Unified Access Solution.

For more on the Cisco Global Work Your Way Survey, check us out.


Brian Robertson

Product Marketing Manager

CMO EMM Mobility Solutions