Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Hong Kong Academy (HKA) is an International Baccalaureate school with students ranging from pre-school to grade 12. They are a relatively small school in terms of total employees and students. Their goal is to offer a personal and individualized form of learning.

HKA identified that the best way to achieve their goals was to encourage the use of technology to create a community amongst teachers and students. They recently constructed a new building and had the opportunity to build a network to meet their current and future requirements.

Network Requirements

  • Support their BYOD initiatives from grade 5-12 with one device per student
  • Enhance wireless experience for students and staff
  • Simplify network management with limited IT staff
  • Accommodate for future upgrades to keep up with technological advances

Network Solution

In order to meet their primary goal of providing a smooth and uninterrupted wireless experience for all its student and staff, they went for the Aironet 3600 access points combined with the 802.11ac module. 802.11ac is the latest standard in wireless and provides an exponential increase in network speed and quality over its predecessor.


In addition to this, they also installed Cisco CMX solution which enables them to physically locate devices on the network and optimize traffic flow based on density of devices at each location. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco Prime allows their limited IT staff of four people to manage wired and wireless devices on the network with ease.

They have several other products and solutions deployed to enhance their network and also have an ongoing deployment of security solutions. See the complete product list by reading the complete case study: Independent School Supports Technology in Classroom


The school is extremely happy to have a network that supports their long term vision of providing quality education that is individualized and catered to each student.

Cisco enables us to create a network where teachers, parents, and students are truly connected in a virtual space that supports learning.”

— Andy Birch
Director of Technology
Hong Kong Academy


Learn more about the benefits of the Cisco 802.11ac solution.

Read the full case study: Independent School Supports Technology in Classroom


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