With the frenzy that comes with new phone releases, the excitement that new app launches cause, and our increasing ability to establish connections with anyone virtually anywhere, it’s safe to say the Internet of Everything (IoE) is changing everything about our global network.

And while the Internet of Everything describes the connections that link people, places, process, data and things, the convergence of all of these elements is the source of its growth.

On their own, increased mobility, enhanced cloud and Fast IT are changing the business and IT landscape. A new model for IT that accounts for the convergence of these technologies is essential to accelerating the trajectory of the Internet of Everything to new heights.

Mobility has especially emerged as a key factor, with 25 billion devices estimated to be connected to the Internet by 2015. For this reason, tracking (and staying ahead of!)  top mobility trends remains a priority for every organization.

In a converging IT landscape, it’s important for organizations to be prepared with mobility solutions so that business and IT operations can not only move forward, but also provide new connected, personalized experiences for customers, employees and more. The healthcare, retail and security industries are just a few that have harnessed the reach of mobile solutions and customized them for their specific industry needs.

Take for example the stunning movement happening in the retail industry. Today’s customer purchase journey is blended with a mix of physical and digital actions – a growing omni-channel landscape. Thanks to the advent of location-based and predictive context mobile capabilities, retailers can now get even closer to the customer in real-time to provide a more personalized shopping and buying experience.

Mobility plays an important role in what Gartner calls the Nexus of Forces: the collective power of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios. It’s clear that on it’s own mobility is a key differentiator. But as CXOs get moving on mobility, they must also consider leveraging the power of cloud and the network to bring together applications, systems and processes to help meet business needs and prepare for future innovation.

How will you leverage true mobility and convergence to better your business?

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Brett Belding

Senior Manager

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