When the pandemic forced many businesses into remote working models, this caused a lot of headaches for IT operations. While employees in the line of business have been adjusting to working from home, it’s not like IT could just shut the campus network down like flicking off the lights in the building.

So how well are IT teams doing, now that we’re one year into the upheaval caused by COVID-19?

In our next Insiders Series webinar, we’re going to take a look at some different ways network administrators have dealt with the daily challenges of the past year and how network administrators have dealt with the daily challenges and how they are using the interval to make positive changes that will last past the return to workplaces.

Businesspeople working at office with glass partition dividing them

Also in the discussion: how are people preparing for bring workers back into the office, including how will the office environment be different than before and what implications that has for the network?

Join us for a conversation between IDC Senior Research Analyst Brandon Butler and Cisco Enterprise Product Manager Jay Sharma about the changes that enterprise networks have had to make over the past year and where things go from here.

Jay and Brandon will also discuss questions such as:

  • How have priorities for networking investments differ before and after the global pandemic?
  • What are the 5 stages of COVID recovery that enterprises will go through?
  • What needs to be done in order to bring employees back to the office?
  • How can network administrators adjust to new demands and even come out with better operations?
  • And of course, what are some cool, new technology solutions that are just starting to come into the foreground?

Registration is free, save your spot today:

Cisco Insider Series for Networking Webinar: “Get your network ready for when “what if?” becomes “what now?”


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Leslie Van Zee

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking