We’re in November now, so of course it’s getting chilly outside – even here in California! This means the holidays are right around the corner and retailers are gearing up for their busiest time of year. A growing trend these days is that more than half of holiday shoppers with smartphones plan to use these devices while shopping (53.8%, National Retail Federation). What better motivation for retailers to increase sales in all of their stores this season than by enhancing customers’ shopping experience with something like Facebook?

On the other side of town unfortunately, the holiday season goes hand-in-hand with the sniffling and coughing brought on by the winter cold and flu season. As usual, doctors will expect an influx of patients in their offices in the coming months. IT staff at hospitals need to prepare for the increased medical data traversing through the network and beyond.

Cisco UCS E-series on the ISR-AX is a consolidated solution in a single platform. With this solution, retailers can virtualize and host POS, video surveillance, and other applications.  Doctors in medical offices of any size can focus on taking care of their patients rather than worry about the network slowing them down.

In this episode of Inside UCS E-Series, Hugo speaks with Kishan about how retailers are moving to mobile POS applications that run on Cisco UCS E-series, as well as Cisco’s partnership with Facebook. Also, they take a look at how Cisco UCS E-series on the ISR-AX allows doctors to focus on patient care and lets Cisco do the heavy lifting, including ensuring security and seamless transfer of patient records.



  • Series: Inside the Branch (Catch up on the series here)
  • Season 1: Inside UCS E-Series
  • Episode 4: Platform for Innovation
  • Host: Hugo Vliegen (Director Technical Marketing, Enterprise Networks)
  • Guest: Kishan Ramaswamy (Technical Marketing Engineer, Enterprise Networks)

In our next and final episode of the Inside UCS E-Series, Hugo goes to the dark side of Cisco.


Jolene Tam

Product Marketing Manager