Since the launch of Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX), we have seen tremendous interest from our customers to monetize their investment in Wi-Fi Solutions and enable new line-of-business applications to gain insights, deliver efficiencies and engage end-users.  This week Cisco is announcing a collection of technology developer partnerships, as managed through the Cisco Developer Network (CDN), that help us bring a “whole offering” to our Customers with the addition of domain expertise, geographical focus and technology feature infusion that gives our Customers confidence, security and operational excellence to move forward in this nascent market.

The foundation of this technical integration begins with the connection to the Cisco WLAN & Unified Access Architecture through the Mobility Services API, which exposes context-aware information gathered by the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) for the integration with following disciplines:

  • Guest Access
  • Device Based Services
  • Browser Based Services
  • Indoor Location Navigation or Zone Based Presence Detection
  • Onsite and Online Analytics (Realtime & Non-realtime)
  • Social Analytics
  • Marketing Capabilities
  • Loyalty, Advertisement and Payment Capabilities

As Cisco launches several marquee Customers that are committed to the CMX journey, the following partners are leaders in the “first wave” of solutions.  There will be many more in the future; as Cisco intends to build an ecosystem of scale, openness and diversity.  We are pleased to announce the following CDN partners whom have established themselves with Customers and demonstrated successful CMX integrations:


If you’re already working with one of these partners, ask how you can use Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and CMX location-based services to take these applications to the next level.  For more information, visit www.cisco.com/go/cmx and http://developer.cisco.com/web/mobility-services.


Jagdish Girimaji

Director, Product Management

Enterprise Networking