Well, CiscoLive Milan 2015 is behind us…..but hopefully the energy and insights you took away from it stay with you – at least till next CiscoLive. Our attendees rated it as our most successful CiscoLive EMEAR ever……and having been to a few of them myself I’d happily agree!

I had the opportunity to speak with many attendees at the World of Solutions, both on the guided tours and also at the mobility demos. The overall impression I got from speaking with you is that you are as excited (and challenged) as we are about the dramatic changes going on in IT. The transformation of IT has moved from hype to reality – and many of you at CiscoLive are the ones being asked by your company to make these changes happen.

Now, whether you attended Live and missed a session – or you were not in Milan at all – you can still check out many of the keynotes and sessions on-line.

One of the highlights was the Enterprise Networking Trends keynote, led by Jeff Reid, VP Enterprise Networking who shared his insights and excitement about how networking is changing the way we live, learn, work and play…. today. Factories, cities, malls, stadiums, banks, hospitals, everywhere you look networking is at the heart of the changes underway. And mobility is at the core of it all! Check out the recorded keynote for yourself – you’ll need to register if you haven’t already.


Now, talking of “work”…one IT manager of a leading global company came up to the mobility demos and boldly stated – I’m building the “workplace of the future” how can Cisco help me? As I discussed on a recent blog, the way we work is changing and that changes everything. Where we work, when we work, the tools we use and the physical workspaces we need to be successful.  This IT manager said he found that by coming to CiscoLive he could get answers to many of his burning questions in one place. How to design a high-density wireless-only network, how to achieve secure BYOD and guest access, how to enable different physical workspaces and collaboration systems and much more.

Another big draw was the Meraki booth…..which had a unique Apple-like look about it to go along with the simplicity of it’s cloud-managed IT offerings. My favorite session was the Cisco Meraki Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) session by Katie Lane, who simply answered every question with a demo of the software to show how it was actually done.

Mobility Moments

Unfortunately there’s no on-demand recording  – but you can check out the EMM functionality at this Meraki EMM webinar.  The Meraki Challenge was also a big success with some pretty high-profile Cisco executives taking the challenge on-stage at the main keynote itself.

Another popular session was the intermediate BYOD breakout session that focused on the new ISE 1.3 capabilities. You can watch it here.

Hope this quick glimpse into some mobility moments at CiscoLive provides you with some useful insights into the learning, networking and fun that was had by the 8000 attendees. While no event is identical, you can expect a similar experience at CiscoLive  events though out the world.

Let me know about your special mobility moments at CiscoLive.

For more information on Cisco Enterprise Mobility just go to http://www.cisco.com/go/enterprisemobility

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Jonathan Gilad

Global Marketing Manager

Thought Leadership Marketing