2020 has been an unbelievable year and if you’ve made it this far, you can really get through anything.  

As we draw a close to this unforgettable year, organizations and the workforce have given remote work a whole new definition. At the beginning of this global pandemic, leaders in the networking industry helped organizations continue work as usual. More and more months have passed and now organizations must build back stronger to successfully navigate any future disruptions.  

Cisco has two options that can provide an enterprise class quality of experience in the home. One is based on Cisco Access Points, the other is based on Cisco’s SD-WAN routing platform. Both deliver your corporate SSID to the home, offer advanced security, QoS features, and integration with Cisco DNA Center which helps IT staff to identify and troubleshoot problems immediately.  

In this brand-new episode of the Network Insider podcast, Cisco’s CTO of Wireless, Matt MacPherson chats with Intel’s VP of client computing and the GM of the wireless solution group, Eric McLaughlin to discuss joint networking solutions to help businesses build back more resilient.  

Not only do Matt and Eric talk about how the global pandemic has created a new norm for businesses, but they also cover:   

  • Business continuity vs Business resiliency
  • Cisco and Intel partnership
  • IT team challenges
  • 5G compatible solutions
  • IoT, AI & ML
  • Joint work on Wi-Fi 6  
  • Future of the partnership

Tune in to hear how Cisco and Intel are joining forces to help businesses build back more resilient than before.  

Leave your comments below to tell us what you’d like to see from Cisco and Intel’s partnership!  


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Jasmine Shah

Marketing Specialist

Enterprise Networks & Cloud