“What we want for our customers is a seamless experience. No headaches, very easy, simple to use.” – Collette Navarrette, Director of Marketing, Santana Row, a Federal Realty property

Deploying location-based services doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, as Santana Row discovered.

Santana Row, a mixed-use development property owned by Federal Realty Investment trust, is home to luxury shopping, entertainment, a residential community, and corporate offices. They strive to draw in digitally savvy consumers with a more relevant shopping, entertainment, living, and officing experiences. But it’s no different in other industries. Nearly every organization is undergoing a digital transformation thanks in part to mobility, cloud, and analytics.


With Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cloud, a SaaS-delivered location services solution, Santana Row and other public-facing organizations are now able to easily provide customers with more than free Wi-Fi access. You can build a Welcome splash page that offers customized promotions and other relevant content with CMX Cloud’s Connect tool. And CMX Cloud’s Presence Analytics allows you – whether you’re in IT, marketing, or operations – to dig into location analytics to better understand your customers and guests.


Cisco CMX Cloud is enabled by the new Digital Network Architecture, which redefines networking by moving to an open, software-driven network architecture design. What does that mean for your business and ultimately your IT? Among other benefits, you can now consume cloud services quickly and easily, to get business results faster while reducing costs and complexity in operations.


“DNA-enabled solutions such as CMX Cloud allow us to quickly deliver easy Wi-Fi, gain new business insights on customer trends and preferences, and substantially improve the way we engage visitors that were once largely anonymous to us.” – Abbas Rizvi, Senior Network Manager, Santana Row, a Federal Realty property

With CMX Cloud and the new DNA, Santana Row can gain real-time insights and deliver relevant experiences to get customers to stay a little longer and keep them coming back.

Experience CMX Cloud for yourself with a free 60-day trial, so take it for a spin to explore whether location services can help you engage your customers: http://cmxcloud.cisco.com.

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Jolene Tam

Product Marketing Manager