As a Product Manager there is some anxiety but more of an excitement around introducing a platform to the market. Today I am proud to be part of Cisco team that is  bringing to market the Cisco Aironet 2700 Series Access Point.  What it offers is a tremendous amount of power at a very attractive price point.  


We all know Wi-Fi is here to stay and is expanding all around us rapidly. That need for speed is exciting.  But what does that mean? Not everyone feels comfortable being on the cutting edge. Many of our customers are not as concerned about chasing the future and have more limited budgets that they hesitate to put down for the best AP knowing there are lower priced options.  At the same time, everyone is aware technology moves ahead with or without you, so they don’t want to give up lot of the new capabilities by going totally to the other extreme of not upgrading at all.  What they want is something that’s going to last for a while that gives them the advantages available today, but not have to invest a lot to get it. I equate this to buying something like a car.  A year ago when I was in the market to buy a new car I didn’t want to sacrifice whole lot of options but if there was one or two options that I could give up in order to save a bit of money, I was okay with that.

This is similar to what Cisco is offering with Aironet 2700 Series.  Customers have to choose something that they can utilize in their network that is better than any of the competitive solutions out there, truly built-for-purpose, sleek design on the outside yet tough on the inside and very powerful. The Cisco AP2700 provides state of the art Gigabit Wi-Fi via the support of Wave 1 802.11ac at a very attractive price point for business environments…be it for Enterprises, Healthcare, K-12, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Warehouses, etc.

The Cisco AP2700 emerges on the market as an ideal on-premise solution, second only to AP3700 Series, Cisco’s best-in-class 802.11ac Access Point with it’s modularity and truly flexible architecture.  The AP2700  offers all the advantages of 802.11ac available with Cisco’s innovative High Density Experience (HDX) technology, which includes features such as CleanAir 80MHz, ClientLink 3.0, Optimized Roaming, Turbo Performance and RF Noise Reduction.  It offers the unique antenna design unmatched by anyone else.  It offers the toughness with industry leading design, while allowing customers to leverage existing mounting brackets–an extra plus for those customers who are refreshing their old technology/older generation Access Points.

AP2700 and AP3700 are building out a Cisco portfolio that cannot be matched by anyone else out there. Combine that with the robust end-to-end Enterprise Mobility solution that only Cisco can bring to the market, and our customers are set to take on the mobile trend in high density environments.  This is going to be an exciting time in the industry moving to Gigabit Wi-Fi and we are happy to be bringing the best products and solutions to help our customers with the toughest technology challenges.

For more on the newest Cisco 2700 AP, visit the webpage or check out the datasheet. 

Learn more about Cisco’s HDX solution for 802.11ac from the latest HDX At-a-Glance.

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If you are attending Interop Las Vegas be sure to visit us at our booth #1327 and come listen to Cisco, partner and customer experts discuss these new innovations at our luncheon event on April 1, 2014. Register for the event.

If not, you can still register for our launch webcast April 1 to get all the details on the latest enterprisemobility products and solutions.


Can’t get enough HDX? I recorded this segment at Cisco Live! Milan talking about the new technology feature set–enjoy!


Sangita Mahishi

Product Manager

Wireless Networking Group