Application Hosting on the Catalyst 9100 series access points is a simplified way of deploying IoT infrastructure without the added headache or costs of overlay networks. It enables IoT vendors to integrate their applications directly onto Cisco Catalyst Access Points (APs) and drive intelligence at the edge. With use cases ranging from healthcare and carpeted enterprise to retail and hospitality, Application Hosting is reinventing the way organizations deploy and manage IoT services.

We announced Application Hosting back in September 2020 and since then, Cisco has done a lot of testing and working with Application Hosting partners to enable customers in different verticals to take advantage of simplified IoT deployments.

Reimagining the retail price tag

The most recent of these integrations is with Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) leader, SOLUM. Together, Cisco and SOLUM co-developed an integrated solution that simplifies deployment and management of SOLUM’s ESL products.

The solution eliminates the need to deploy and manage separate SOLUM IoT gateways by integrating the software onto the Cisco Application Hosting platform.  By foregoing the need for separate APs, not only does it significantly reduce AP count (upwards of fifty percent) it drastically reduces interference. The result is better wireless performance.

Beyond hardware consolidation, the solution provides the ability to deploy and set-up SOLUM ESLs, deliver updates, and drive consistent visibility into the health of the ESL devices and the application. It also enables the capability for IT admins to update pricing, CRM, marketing, and loyalty applications in real-time.  And by integrating the management software, the result is less time spent managing, updating or troubleshooting the solution.

Control with Cisco DNA Center

Application Hosting is driven through the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points and managed by Cisco DNA Center. Cisco DNA Center provides advanced telemetry details about the health of the solution, including error logs, allowing issues to be identified and solved before they become a problem.

With Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst Access Points, you get an integrated Wi-Fi Access Point and IoT gateway in one. The combined solution reduces procurements and deployment costs while simplifying and streamlining management.

For more information, check out the SOLUM press release


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