Cisco’s DNA Center (DNAC) is a powerful network controller and management platform that enables secure access to networks and applications. Cisco DNA Center focuses on simplifying customer IT operations in Enterprise and Campus networks through visibility, insights, automation, programmability, and security (see Figure 1). Cisco’s CX Success Portfolio is a set of services that accelerate customers’ time to value through the technology lifecycle journey, focused on integrating experts, insights, support, and learning together in Cisco’s CX Cloud. It uses Cisco’s intellectual capital, use-cases to drive Cisco DNA Center adoption, enables continual improvement, and accelerates return on investment.

Overview of CX Cloud and DNAC Combined Capabilities
Figure 1. Overview of CX Cloud and DNAC Combined Capabilities

Cisco CX and enterprise engineering teams have been working together to provide Cisco’s customers and partners with advanced and consistent capabilities regardless of their access with an emphasis on differentiated customer experience, simplified product adoption, and faster time to value. The joint CX and Cisco DNA Center solution will provide:

  • Consistent and complimentary architecture and roadmaps to maximize customer value and ease of use.
  • Ensure consistent customer outcomes.
  • Provide seamless cross-launch from Cisco DNA Center to CX Cloud for non-overlapping capabilities.
  • Create monetization and competitive models to incentivize customers to adopt Cisco DNA Center & CX Cloud services.
  • Advanced capabilities using the combined capabilities.
  • Delivery of comprehensive reports based on shared technology components and data sources.
  • Customized alerts leveraging CX’s intellectual capital and DNAC telemetry.

The main idea is to develop the best customer experience by utilizing Cisco DNA Center’s telemetries, orchestration, and automation and then combine them and CX’s intellectual capital and insight capabilities.

Cisco DNA Center has recently provided customers with a free (60 days) trial enabling customized insights based on the customer-specific device’s configuration data. This includes:

  • Customized Security advisories (PSiRTs). Customized Security Advisories will significantly reduce the number of Critical and Medium vulnerabilities listed, eliminating the need for unnecessary upgrades and improving security posture and operational efficiency.
  • Customized End-of-Life to eliminate unnecessary upgrades, and improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction due to proactive notification.
  • Customized Bug information. Analysis of key bugs curated by Cisco TAC experts against deployed devices will also improve the precision with which potential advisories are identified with device detail accessible to Cisco DNA Center. Such customization will also improve the precision with which potential advisories are identified with device detail accessible to Cisco DNA Center.
  • Rapid Problem Resolution (i.e. Radkit capability), as well as Wireless Troubleshooting, is provided. Radkit allows customers to securely share the latest configuration data, from Cisco DNA Center, with a TAC engineer. This reduces Mean-Time-To-Repair significantly by eliminating or at least reducing the process of creating secure connections between TAC and the customers.

How to start a trial?

To get your 60 days trial started:

  1. Log into your Cisco DNA Center.
  2. Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement).
  3. Go click on the “Click here to access customized security advisory based on your device configuration, powered by CX Cloud” box, as shown in Figure 2.

This feature is available to all customers with Cisco DNA Center version Eligible = 2.3.3. and above.

Example of how to try CX Cloud Features from DNAC
Figure 2. Example of how to try CX Cloud Features from DNAC


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