We’ve been really busy but also very thrilled about the work we’re doing to future-proofing the network, and it seems we’re not alone. One of our latest innovations, adaptive radio modules for the AP3600, has been selected by UBM as a Best of Interop finalist for the Wireless award category!

Best of Interop Finalist

It’s an honor to be recognized for our innovation and technological advancements in wireless, and we wanted to share a bit more about our submission with you.

What are the Adaptive Radio Modules?

The Adaptive Radio Modules a family of solutions in a modular form factor that allows customers to adapt their wireless network to their current and future needs. The Adaptive Radio Modules provide a dedicated third radio that can be field upgraded on the 3600 Access Point.

Cisco offers three adaptive radio modules for the 3600 Access Point:

These modules allow customers to integrate advanced technology into their existing network without having to replace or install additional equipment. Also, by adding a third radio, it expands the access point’s capability in terms of performance and capacity.

For example, the addition of the WSSI module in a 3600 Access Point allows for advanced security and monitoring features such as CleanAir, wIPS and rogue detection to operate fully on both the 2.4 and 5GHz band without affecting the client traffic associated with the other 2 radios.

Because the module is operating as a dedicated radio, the access point can provide these advanced security features while also services the client traffic. The addition of an adaptive radio module is like adding an additional processor to your access point. Advanced features such as Security and Spectrum Monitoring can operate on a dedicated radio while the access point maintains throughput and performance by serving the client traffic on the two Wi-Fi radios.

What’s so special about them?

Adaptive Radio Modules allow for the diverse requirements of today’s networks, while future-proofing for the technology of tomorrow. The three flavors of adaptive radio modules provide customers with a leg up on various networking challenges.

–       The 802.11ac radio module is the first of its kind in the industry and offers wire-like performance ideal for supporting HD video and high client density deployments

–       The WSSI Module delivers always-on spectrum intelligence and proactive security scanning without effecting client performance

–       The 3G Small Cell Module allows operators to concurrently offer a Wi-Fi/3G cellular infrastructure in a single access point

How does Cisco compare with the competition? 

What makes Cisco unique is that our 3600 AP is modular designed so it can support different radio types to address emerging client needs, as well as providing investment protection for new and existing deployments.

With our Adaptive Radio Modules, Cisco’s strong portfolio touts:

–       The first Enterprise Class Access Point to support the new 802.11ac Wave 1 standard

–       The first solution to deliver combined Wi-Fi Serving, Spectrum Analysis and Threat Detection & Mitigation into a single Access Point

–       The only solution to concurrently provide 3G Small Cell support and state of the art 802.11n-based 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi

How can it be used in the enterprise?

Without the flexibility of the Adaptive Radio Modules, a customer in the case of the 802.11ac module and the 3G Small Cell would have to deploy an overlay network to support these additional radios. In the case of the WSSI Module, a customer would have to deploy an additional access point that exclusively monitors the traffic for security and spectrum issues.

In all cases, adding additional equipment to the network is costly in terms of deployment and maintenance but there is a cost factor with running Ethernet cables for the additional equipment and the cost of an Ethernet port that has to be taken up on a switch.

With the Adaptive Radio Modules deployed, there is a reduction in this cost since this technology can be added to an existing deployed network. Cisco estimates that there is a 30%+ CAPEX cost savings by eliminating the need for a separate:

  •  Overlay of additional access points to support 802.11ac, 3G or Security Monitors
  •  Ethernet cabling and Access Layer port required by each additional Access Point
  •  Typical cabling infrastructure costs typically running from $750-$1000 per pull – including labor
  •  Within the Healthcare industry, this cost is typically  2-3 times more

With the Adaptive Radio Modules, not only does the customer get the benefits of being able to deploy advanced technology but there is a significant cost saving to be gained as well.

That’s awesome! How can I learn more?

Here’s a link to our 3600 AP product page and Adaptive Radio Module At-A-Glance, which should give ample detail. Check us out at Interop for more!

We are committed and will continue to work on new and exciting innovations to help our customers meet the networking challenges of today and the technologies of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on wireless and 802.11ac developments.


Are you going to Interop?

The Best of Interop winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 7 at 5:30 pm at the Interop Theater on the Expo Floor during Interop Las Vegas, happening May 6-10, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  For more information visit: http://www.bestofinterop.com/.

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