3 top tech trends for mighty middle“The Mighty Middle.” That’s what we call the world’s midmarket companies.  According to National Center for Middle Market, if the U.S. middle market were an independent economy, it would be the fifth largest in the world. The middle market produced 2.2 million new jobs between 2007 and 2010. Midmarket companies create one in three jobs.

But emerging trends could impede that growth for midmarket organizations with their limited resources, shrinking budgets and aggressive timelines, unless the challenges they pose—Mobility, Security, Cloud, Social and Big Data—can be addressed. Today, we look at three midmarket technology trends, the hurdles they pose, and what midmarket companies can do. These trends are also presented in greater detail in our new Webinar with Gartner called “Midmarket Trends and Opportunities – Positioning Your Company for Success”

Mobility: Don’t Let BYOD Become an SOS

According to a recent IDC report, smartphones and tablets will dominate IT growth in 2014. And they’ll account for over 60% of IT spending. In fact, analysts predict that 2015 will be the first year in which more consumers access the Internet with mobile devices than with PCs. BYOD has evolved from a trend, to a reality, and now to a necessity.

As your organization’s BYOD needs grow, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Is your BYOD solution a complete solution? Will it scale as demand grows?
  • Is your IT infrastructure ready for rising demand?
  • Are you better off with an on-premise solution or a cloud solution?
  • Do you have the right wireless strategy?
  • Are all of your security policies in place?

Cloud Computing: One Solution Doesn’t Fit All

IDC predicts that over the next seven years Cloud spending will grow three-fold in developed markets. It will grow seven-fold in emerging markets. The Mighty Middle will trailblaze the way, rapidly shifting its applications and data to the Cloud.

As your organization considers migrating to the Cloud, be sure to assess:

  • On-site Private Cloud solution, hosted Public Cloud solution or combination of both for a Hybrid Cloud solution.
  • How well each choice will cater to your company’s needs.
  • The different security requirements for each option.

Security: Your Data Could Be at Risk

The recent customer data breach at a leading retailer emphasized how critical security is at all levels. From your infrastructure all the way through to your end points. Before, during, and after an attack. Does your midmarket organization have the dedicated IT resources necessary to thwart today’s modern attacks?

To find out where you stand, follow these steps:

  • Talk to your channel partner.
  • Ask them to perform a comprehensive security assessment and recommend an end-to end-security solution.
  • Make sure they have the technical expertise to implement a solution with policy, control and flexibility.

Midmarket organizations know technology is a catalyst for growth. Investing in the right technology can be the difference between capitalizing on trends and challenges, or getting swallowed whole by them. Keep your company ready and agile. Be sure your technology supports today’s needs, and tomorrow’s growth. Strengthen the assets that make your business part of the Mighty Middle.

Learn more about midmarket trends and get valuable insights from Gartner and Cisco industry experts by watching our webinar “Midmarket Trends and Opportunities – Positioning Your Company for Success”.

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Koushi Merchant

Senior Manager

Products and Solutions Marketing