Across the United States, people are defrosting and starting to shovel their way out of January’s  Polar Vortex “bomb cyclone.” Even the state of Florida saw some chillier than usual temperatures. Florida has de-thawed now and next week security professionals from all-over head to South Beach for the annual S4 ICS security conference, January 16-18 in Miami Beach.

Cisco will be hosting the welcome party on Tuesday night at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, with a Cuban party theme. The company will also share insights during two speaking sessions on January 16th covering trending industrial security topics:

  • Industrial networking engineer, Dan Behrens, will speak on Fog and Edge computing as a security strategy. This session will go over the increasingly important FOG and Edge Computing concepts being developed and deployed for Industrial IoT applications, and how these new data collections and analytic architectures can be leveraged as part of a broader security strategy.
  • IOT portfolio manager, Robert Albach, will speak on remote access and challenges. This presentation will give an initial overview of complicated organizational, legal, and technical considerations which have driven exposures and responses today. Several specific use cases will be discussed including internal workers at remote sites, vendor workers at internal sites, operational telemetry flows, and remotely located vendor technicians working with on-site equipment.

The full agenda is available here.

In addition to the speaking and events, during the week, we’ll have our security experts on hand during the conference and are available to discuss your industrial security needs. Talos, Cisco’s team that monitors global security threats, will also be on-hand to address some of their latest research and findings during the cabana sessions on Thursday.  We look forward to seeing you in Miami.

To learn more about assessing risk and setting a security strategy, visit our interactive security experience for manufacturing.





Eric Ehlers

Marketing Manager

Manufacturing and Energy