Factory workers often learn about issues with their production machinery too late – after the line shuts down. For example, a robot used in Automotive Body in White production may suddenly break down or start yielding poor-quality welds. This can be disastrous for final assembly, halting output while workers troubleshoot the issue. Unplanned downtime in a factory can cost automakers $15,000 – 50,000 per minute, according to Nielsen.


Now we can prevent unplanned downtime using real-time condition monitoring and diagnostics.

Cisco has collaborated with FANUC and Rockwell Automation to create a solution deployed with hundreds of robots at General Motors’ factories to prevent downtime.

Dubbed by FANUC as Zero Downtime (ZDT), the solution alerts workers well before a problem occurs, so they can schedule maintenance in a planned outage window. According to Fortune Magazine, “The robot calls in and says, ‘I’ve got an issue in one of my motors in one of my joints.’ Or it may say ‘I’m about to get sick in a few seconds.’

This remote monitoring in addition to diagnostics and proactive maintenance planning is enabled through the 1+1+1 > 3 integration of capabilities and expertise that each company brings to the table.


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Manufacturers in a recent  survey project a 48% reduction in unplanned downtime from these kinds of connected machines solutions. What could your plants achieve if you could eliminate unplanned downtime? Let us know in the comments section below.




Chet Namboodri

Senior Director

Global Private Sector Industries Marketing