Are you trying to get your arms around what’s included in a well-designed EtherNet/IP industrial infrastructure?  Look no further!  Here’s an example of how the Internet of Everything (IoE) came alive at Automation Fair recently:


An integrated design from Cisco, Rockwell Automation, Panduit and Fluke Networks demonstrates standards-based solutions for manufacturing agility and operational excellence!

In the video above, a single Converged Plantwide Ethernet enclosure is outfitted to include:

  • Panduit’s network and power cable management solutions
  • Rockwell’s motion control, variable frequency drives, controllers and I/O devices
  • Cisco and Rockwell’s joint Statix 5700 switch, which demonstrates an IoE architecture by securing, optimizing and connecting, everything in this demo to the Internet via standard IP networking technology
  • Easy access for Fluke Networks testing and troubleshooting

Cisco’s rugged, indoor and outdoor wireless access points are important optional components of EtherNet/IP.  These are featured in the video  as well.

Panduit’s integrated zone enclosure demonstrates how best practices are used to design EtherNet/IP networks.  The enclosure fully integrates the Stratix 5700 with the a recommended wiring and networking design that makes  for easy deployment and easy testing with Fluke Networks metering solutions.

Fluke Network Analyzers, including the DTC and OTDR, are used for certifying and/or troubleshooting copper and fiber.  They enable technicians to easily isolate problems, repair them quickly and keep networks up and running.

Is EtherNet/IP a part of your industrial networking process?  Let us know how you’ve implemented it (or hope to implement it) in your manufacturing environment.