Welcome to The U., a new expert-led technical video series from the masterminds behind Cisco U., our new digital tech learning experience. Episodes arrive packed with deep dives and step-by-step tutorials on all things Cisco, with topics like automation, networking, cloud, security, and AI.

But, that’s not all. Episodes are short. Really short, and for good reason. You may have heard the statistics on modern human attention spans. Since 2000, our average attention span has decreased by 25 percent, to a total of only 8.25 seconds. (In case you were wondering, yes—that means attention spans are now officially shorter than that of a goldfish.) And when learning lacks attention, it lowers retention.

If you’ve been a member of the Cisco Learning community for a while now, then you know we love a challenge. The only thing we love more is sharing its solution. Read on to learn more about the experts, learning topics, and technologies you’ll see in this new, fast-paced tech video series, premiering Thursdays at noon Pacific Time on the Cisco U. by Learning and Certifications YouTube Channel.

Introducing The U., born from Cisco U.

The U. delivers upon the same learner-first promise as Cisco U. With tutorials and demos aligned to Cisco U. Learning Paths, this series works in conjunction with official Cisco technical training.

Note: For context, read “Cisco ISE Training Now Offers Integrated Labs for Hands-on Digital Learning.”

Tech learners see, tech learners do

We love a learn-by-doing approach. You, the viewer, can follow along with our Tech Experts, replicating their code and learning the techniques they bring to their jobs on a monthly basis.

Ever wanted to take a peek behind the curtain of Principal Automation Engineer Hank Preston’s day job and see which technology concepts he uses? And how? And why? Look no further than “Technically Speaking… with Hank Preston,” Hank’s very own segment.

What if you want to learn how to write a Netmiko Script with Senior Tech Advocate Jason Belk, or have some fun with Python Strings with Lead Tech Advocate Kareem Iskander? Our Technical Advocates are regulars on The U.

Tech Topics

What about other tech topics? Is it just Cisco certification stuff?  Glad you asked. Explore cutting-edge topics in Python, ChatGPT, gTTS (Google Text-to-Speech), and WebEx with Developer Advocate John Capobianco in his segment, “Coding with Capo.”

Technical advocates explain IT all

Our Technical Advocacy team has a huge passion for learning, and they have the experience and expertise to explain it all. Whether it’s learning Git in 15 minutes, getting started with IaC and Terraform, Docker Containers for Network Engineers, or more advanced tech topics, the possibilities are endless. They are here to ease the burden and lower the barrier for those looking to get certified.

Join Kareem, Jason, and Quinn Snyder as they explore everything you want to know about systems and network engineering.

“Technically Speaking… with Hank Preston”

Technically speaking, Hank is a pro. P E R I O D.

For those of you who don’t know Hank (yet), his passions are technology and theater. And well, it shows. Hank brings his signature charismatic energy and knowledge to each step-by-step tutorials. These videos are short and entertaining, limiting the need to Google “define Container Networking at Layer 1” or ask “what is the Linux ‘ip’ Command?” (Yeah, we know you’ve done it.)

Watch episode: Container Networking at Layer 1

“Coding with Capo”

“Coding with Capo” is bold, future-facing, and FUN. On the forefront of the AI revolution, John shows us how we can work with AI to automate our network, create plugins, and include Integrations with Webex.

Jump in with John Capobianco, so when new technologies raise the bar, you can say, “How high?”

Watch episode: How to integrate gTTs with ChatGPT and Python

What’s next for tech learners on The U.

Don’t miss out on these upcoming episodes:

  • Meraki Action Batches — with Kareem Iskander, Lead Tech Advocate
  • A Beginners Guide to Terraform — with Quinn Snyder, Senior Tech Advocate
  • Understanding Docker Storage — with Cisco Instructor Robert Whitaker
  • DevNet and more — Software Engineer Akhila Pamukuntla’s episode exploring topics related to the DevNet Associate

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