I remember the good old days, when, if you wanted training, you had to enroll in an instructor-led class, take time away from work, maybe even get on an airplane, and sit in a classroom for days on end to learn the material. Then came e-learning where you had material to read and study online, but no actual hands-on experience with the product you were learning.

Well, now with Cisco U. and a newly updated Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Learning Path, you can get the full Cisco ISE learning experience from the comfort of your own computer—including the labs. The digital labs in this version let you roll up your sleeves and practice what you learn, as you learn, without having to buy and manage your own lab equipment. You get all the fun of a real-world lab without the hassle.

The Cisco U. Learning Path, Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE 4.0), mirrors the structure of the blueprint for 300-715 SISE: Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine exam, a Cisco Professional-level Security certification exam.

Gain real-world skills with integrated labs

SISE 4.0 is an advanced learning experience. This Learning Path includes 12 hours of instruction which we’ve broken down into fourteen modularized courses, twenty labs, and ten assessments to support your learning process.

You can take the entire Learning Path, or focus only on courses and topics you’re interested in. You’ll find written content and supporting videos along with hands-on labs that run on real, live products. Each lab, or “Discovery,” will guide you through configuration steps to reach an end goal. And you’ll have unlimited access to these labs for the duration of your subscription, so you can use them to experiment and explore the GUI.

With e-learning and integrated labs, you can do all of this at your pace and not take time away from work, family, and friends!

New Cisco TrustSec training

In SISE 4.0, you’ll also find a newly expanded section on Cisco TrustSec. This section’s hands-on lab lets you practice:

  • Configuring TrustSec on the ISE server
  • Configuring a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller (WLC) to act as a Security Group access device
  • Applying Security Group Tags (SGTs) at the ingress of the traffic path
  • Verifying egress filtering (in the wired-to-wireless direction) on the WLC

And that’s only one of the labs in SISE 4.0. The other nineteen labs cover everything from configuring the initial ISE setup and system certificate usage to managing a lost or stolen device to testing and monitoring compliance-based access.

Configure Cisco TrustSec Lab inside the SISE 4.0 Learning Path in Cisco U.

Cisco ISE training for CCNP Security certification

Throughout SISE 4.0, you’ll see screenshots and graphics based on the ISE 3.1 operating system. The e-learning also has a new suite of updated graphics and a more modularized flow. SISE 4.0 organizes training content into smaller segments, to make the material easier to absorb and navigate.

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Each section of SISE 4.0 also includes pre-assessments and post-assessments. Pre-assessments let you check your knowledge before you begin a section to find out if you already know that content. Post-assessments validate your knowledge at the end of each section. Pass a post-assessment with a score of at least 80%, and you can be confident in your learning.

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE 4.0) Learning Path in Cisco U.

Work through the course section by section, and when you’re done, you’ll be ready for the 300-715 SISE exam. Before you know it, you’ll have fulfilled the CCNP Security certification’s concentration exam requirement, earning the Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation Certification.

Experience SISE 4.0 in Cisco U.

Cisco U. is our new digital learning experience with personalized recommendations, Cisco and Cisco-adjacent training, and community connections to support your learning process. We hope the new Cisco ISE labs give you a richer learning experience and help you deploy and support ISE with confidence. Happy learning!

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