Whatever you think the future might bring, one thing is certain—it will be about transformation and choice. The transformation is certain—it’s already here and accelerating. But how that transformation takes shape is still our choice.

This comic book prototype of the Future of Work has been one way to imagine some possible scenarios: How can we shape a future that is human-centered, inclusive, and diverse? Can we design artificial intelligence and robotics solutions that augment human workers, rather than replace them? How can we use technology in a thoughtful, humane, and ethical way? What would it mean to empower “gig” workers to create their own flexible, portable jobs, with a reasonable expectation of reasonable wage growth, stability, and affordable benefits?

We’ll be diving deeper into these questions, and developing real solutions to help shape the Future of Work at our next Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs (CHILL) event in February. I have a growing sense of excitement as I see the cohort of innovation partners for this lab begin to take shape. They are leading companies with the power to influence the transformation of their industries. We have room for a few more forward-thinking enterprises to join us. If your company has a vision for rapid, industry-shifting innovation, let’s talk. Send an email to AreYouIn@cisco.com or join the conversation on Twitter @katecokeeffe.

Meanwhile, let’s rejoin our comic book hero Gail, as she faces her own choice—and transformation.

Wondering where Gails journey began? Start here.

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No. 3 To Save Tomorrow: The Promise and Peril of the Augmented Worker

No. 4 To Save Tomorrow: The Evolving Workplace


The Workplace of the Future:
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The Evolving Worker:
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Technology and the augmented worker:
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Kate O'Keeffe

Senior Director

Customer and Partner Innovation