As the IoT industry matures, it is unleashing a new era of highly sophisticated applications. Many of these innovative applications are bringing artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix, extracting, processing and analyzing large volumes of data in real-time to deliver superior insights and capabilities that were unthinkable a few years ago.

What happens when you bring together Gigabit-speed performance, robust security, and a rugged design to the network infrastructure? You set the stage for new levels of intelligence and agility for increasingly advanced IoT applications.

For example, with access to rich high-definition video streams from cameras, AI-powered surveillance systems can now detect and recognize objects, people and animals in real-time—and identify threats and security breaches. Sophisticated surveillance systems, enabled by a high-speed network, can stitch together live video footage from multiple cameras, and record events from different angles to develop 360-degree situational awareness of an area that is being monitored. This is a huge benefit for public safety and security personnel who depend on surveillance systems to detect and solve crimes.

Digital billboards are another compelling application where rich high definition video streams powered by an intelligent network are key to the viewer’s experience. Dynamic, smart billboards can stream advertisements in real-time and adjust content based on the environment and people looking at the billboard. Highly interactive experiences can be layered on top of the rich digital billboard platform to engage onlookers and present a compelling, personalized message.

Public safety is another arena where secure, high-performance networking shines. For example, using an infrastructure enabled by rugged, high-speed network switches, transportation agencies can support real-time monitoring of traffic via cameras and sensors, even in sub-freezing conditions and harsh outdoor environments. The solution also enables live traffic monitoring to better analyze traffic flow and can even check license plates to control traffic in reduced emission zones.

As manufacturing process improvements increase rates of production, quality control is becoming more challenging. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to computer vision systems in combination with big data analytics to capture high definition video from multiple cameras on the production line. Automated optical inspection lets them proactively detect cosmetic flaws, misalignments, and irregularities.

Intelligence and agility, enabled by performance and security

All of these great examples of IoT in action are enabled by real-time access to rich data sets, accessed via a high-performance, high-speed network. Until recently, issues such as high costs, lack of enterprise-grade security, complex management tools, and the environmental challenges of operating an outdoor network made it difficult to widely deploy these applications.

The introduction of Cisco’s next generation of high speed IoT Networking products is bringing down these barriers. Cisco Catalyst IE3300/IE3400 Rugged Series Switches deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds required for bandwidth-intensive media and real-time analytics. They bring high performance IoT applications to the mainstream by offering superior value for price, end-to-end enterprise grade security, easy to use management tools.

Cisco Catalyst IE3300/IE3400 Rugged Series Switches let you operate large and scalable networks with the management you require to reduce complexity and improve reliable operation. Their ruggedized design lets them operate in harsh environments as well as in extreme temperatures. You can deploy them outdoors or in any non-carpeted area, from Alaska to Arizona, and use them to connect your cameras and sensors to your enterprise network. Their design innovations deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds in a compact form factor that’s suitable for outdoor cabinets or other space-constrained environments.

Delivering a unique combination of performance, security, and manageability, the Cisco Catalyst IE3300/IE3400 Rugged Series heralds a new beginning in the mainstream adoption of data rich IoT applications. Check out how the Cisco IE3x00 and other Cisco IoT solutions can help you take a dramatic step forward with your own IoT initiatives.



Henry Teichert

Product Marketing Manager

IoT Marketing