Much has changed since the last in-person Cisco Live, in 2019. Hybrid work is a household term. Some of us are better cooks. And the industrial internet of things (IoT) has taken giant leaps, transforming industries like manufacturing, ports, mining, transportation, utilities, and governments.

We’re excited to share the latest innovations in industrial IoT at Cisco Live 2022, to be held in Las Vegas from June 12-16, 2022. Here are my picks for what to check out during an action-packed event. And if you are not able to attend, there are a lot of ways to participate remotely.

1 – See a network running under water

What’s that in the water tank? Is it a 1RU fish? No, it’s our newest Cisco Catalyst IW9167E heavy duty access point—proof that our industrial networks can withstand to just about anything. Our industrial networking products are deployed in the most demanding conditions, including rain, wind, dust, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Deploy our industrial switches, routers, gateways, and access points in harsh environments like utility substations, factory assembly lines, ports, mines, and roadways. Visit the World of Solutions to have a look at new products like the Catalyst IW9167E, which is IP67-rated.

2 – Check out a Dallara AV-21 autonomous racecar

Look out for a Dallara AV-21 racecar that competed at the Indy Autonomous Challenge in October 2021. These autonomous cars whipped around the track and broke world records at speeds up to 192.2 mph. Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (Cisco URWB) wirelessly connects these race cars and helps to send telemetry information for real-time monitoring. Ports, mining companies, manufacturers, and others are using Cisco URWB and our industrial networking to monitor and control robots and autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs)—improving efficiency, overcoming labor shortages, and taking workers out of harm’s way. Even an eyeblink’s drop in connectivity can’t be tolerated when connecting moving equipment. That’s why we designed Cisco URWB with low latency, high bandwidth and availability, and zero-loss handoffs to support vehicles moving from one coverage area to the next.


3 – Discover how simple it is to manage industrial networks and their connected assets

Connecting industrial assets like AGVs, factory robots, cranes, and utility substation equipment is a giant step. But to cross the finish line you need the right tools to manage your industrial IoT deployment. At Cisco Live, look out for a demo of Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard, designed with operational technology (OT) teams in mind. It provides visibility across the business, integrating the network, connected industrial sensors, and data solutions. And now operations teams can use the dashboard to remotely deploy, configure, and troubleshoot devices and applications connected to Cisco industrial routers. 

4 – Investigate new types of connected sensors that can improve decision making

You can’t fix a problem until you know about it. In manufacturing, for instance, product quality or production uptime may be compromised if it’s too hot or cold anywhere on the production line, or if equipment vibration exceeds a threshold. We’ve deployed various environmental sensors throughout the Cisco Live venue to report on the show’s humidity, temperature, and vibration. Visit IoT in the World of Solutions to see them all displayed on Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard.

6 – Keep an eagle eye on cyber security threats

Ask for a demo of Cisco Cyber Vision. It automatically takes an inventory of everything connected to your industrial network and is always on the lookout for suspicious activity. Cyber Vision calculates a risk score for each threat, based on the nature of the threat and the asset, helping you focus attention where it counts the most.

7 – Get the inside scoop from our industrial networking and IoT experts

Come see us at the World of Solutions or drop in on 10- to 30-minute presentations throughout the show.  We will be talking about a variety of industrial-networking topics. On my list are: “Digitizing the Physical World with Industrial IoT to Move Industries”, “Extending Your Network to the Great Outdoors”, “Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul Labs”, “Connected Factory Architecture,” and “Digitizing Mass Transit through Cisco IoT and Cloud Management.”

I hope to see you in person or online at Cisco Live 2022. You might find me admiring the connected racecar!

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Patty Medberry

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Cisco IoT