Each week, our public sector government counterparts are posting a new #TransformationThursday blog, where they will discuss digital transformation in cities, detailing storylines and examples with various social, environmental and economic outcomes. We encourage you to join in the conversation as they take a candid look at digitization, capturing best practices and solutions to common challenges while preserving an approach that addresses each community’s specific wants and needs.

Today’s #TransformationThursday topic will feature community health and wellness, told by a truly passionate advocate for enabling the betterment of society through technology innovation. For healthcare it’s all about the end user – the patient, the care provider or the facility administrator – not the technology. An important truism that is nowhere clearer than it is in the convergence of technology innovation and health and wellness. This is not only because health is a part of everyone’s lives, but also advocacy and care for one’s own health – physical, mental, spiritual and beyond – is probably the most personal aspect of each individual’s life.

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However, the fact remains that our lives have been forever transformed through digital technology innovation. Radically transformed and creatively disrupted. In terms of our health, that means we can remotely and dynamically monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure readings, body temperature, glucose, and brain activity. Really, like never before in our human history, allowing us to improve how we ensure our communities survive and thrive.

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Alexia Crossman

Global Healthcare Leader

Cisco Industries Marketing