Over the past few years, telehealth has become increasingly common across the continuum of care. Neurology, behavioral health, cardiology, dermatology, post-procedure follow-up, acute care, home care, evaluation and management, and patient outreach – many are adopting remote and virtual care strategies. But not all telehealth solutions are created equal, nor are all organizations defining a clear, holistic strategy for implementation.

A unified approach is a critical step to a successful, scaled telehealth program. Too common are limited deployments in a handful of areas across a healthcare organization. These siloed deployments typically Cisco can help your organization to establish a vision and architecture for deploying a telehealth program.

In my recently updated white paper, Cisco’s Approach to Telehealth, learn how Cisco can help you:

  • Define the needs of your organization
  • Design a unifying architecture approach, addressing today’s use cases with flexibility for the needs of tomorrow
  • Reduce IT support and administrative overhead of managing disparate systems
  • Measure the value of successful deployment

Check out the white paper below to discover how to extend your delivery of quality care to whenever and wherever it is needed, or view our website for remote care solutions.



Jason Mortensen

Global Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Manager

Digital Transformation Group