Simply defined, “digital transformation” means using digital technology and business models to affect change to operations, revenue models, and even the core culture of your organization. It is not a new concept; it’s an ongoing need as organizations work to keep pace with technology, competitors, and stakeholder expectations, from clinicians to customers.

For life sciences organizations, significant market disruptors include:

  • Tech-savvy consumers
  • Shifting production requirements
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Accelerated product timelines
  • Security and regulatory requirements

To succeed in the face of these disruptions, life sciences organizations are focusing on specific digital capabilities to bring benefits across the continuum, from manufacturing to market.

  • Create loyal customers via differentiated experiences
  • Improve clinical trials and product time to market
  • Improve business operations, workflows, and the supply chain
  • Facility security and global regulatory compliance

Cisco empowers digital transformation for life sciences with solutions that enable improved customer engagement with clinical trials, factory optimization, faster time to market, enhanced operations, and end-to-end security to protect against threats like ransomware. The roadmap below details the main three stages of the life sciences production cycle. At each stage, we offer an innovative set of solutions that will enable digital transformation in your life sciences organization.

For more information on Cisco comprehensive solution set for life sciences organizations, please visit cisco.com/go/healthcare and connect with us on social media.


Jessica Kelly

Sr. Communications Manager

Office of the COO