The practical reality of regional and remote communities in Australia is that they have been consistently disadvantaged in accessing specialist care.  Getting access to specialised clinicians, whether it has been for emergence room consultation, acute patient care or post-operative support has often involved delays and inconvenience for both patients and clinicians.   This translates to both a quality of care and an important productivity issue for small regional hospitals.

Bairnsdale hospital, servicing a small regional community in south east Victoria has taken advantage of the significant advances in ease of use and quality of telehealth systems, they have implemented a comprehensive Cisco telehealth environment within their facility.  The capability has enabled patients and staff to seamlessly communicate with each other on devices appropriate to the task that is required.  The systems link up room based and mobile dedicated telehealth systems with tablet and laptop technologies enabling patients to be engaged while in a wide variety of clinical and personal environments.Barnsdale quote

This capability allows Bairnsdale Health to reach out and engage with clinical expertise from across the state to fill the urgent gaps in the timely and cost effective delivery of high quality care to their community. Watch the video below to see this solution in action.

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Brendan Lovelock

Health Practice Lead

Cisco Australia