It’s like the scene in a movie when the good guy pulls out a knife thinking he has the upper hand over the villain…. and out of nowhere the bad guy pulls out an AR-15 automatic rifle!  Fight over. Good guy goes down and loses.  Welcome to cybersecurity in Public Sector.  Agencies in Public Sector (good guys) are fighting a losing battle at every level (e.g. Federal, State, and local) using a silo based security strategy focused on “buying top quadrant ranked security devices” in a world of automation, analytics, and global zero day threats.  These security devices create mountains of log data which contain clues to potential attacks as well as tons of false positives. An extremely competitive cybersecurity job market adds additional risk and stress to executives managing environments in public sector.

To address these needs, Cisco combined two of our strong brands – Active Threat Analytics (ATA) and Classified Network Services (CNS) – into an offering that is now available to Public Sector customers. Cisco Active Threat Analytics provides 24×7 continuous monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities combined with industry-leading threat intelligence and expert investigators to rapidly detect advanced threats.  Classified Network Services provides enhanced delivery of services —from highly secure and cleared US-based facilities—staffed by US citizens—with strict data storage and access controls in place.  All staff, facilities, and technology comply with the appropriate regulations necessary to deliver “services at classification” to meet the unique data protection requirements of your customers.

These services help customers improve their security strategy and threat coverage as they grow, enabling the safe and confident adoption of disruptive technologies that open new revenue streams, improve employee and user experiences, and transform operational models to deliver increased value. The service identifies incidents quickly and provides actionable recommendations for remediating risks and security events in-house security to focus on core initiatives or special projects.

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Gerald C Alston

Director, Managed Security Services Classified Network Services US Public Sector Advanced Services