The Cisco Government Blog and the Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Blog were both named to StateTech Magazine’s “Top 50 Must-Read State and Local Government IT Blogs.” This is a crowd-sourced list, where blogs were submitted and voted on, with the most useful and insightful blog sites for state and local government IT leaders making the top 50. So for those of you who voted for our blogs, thank you!

Local government-related technology blogs can be a great place for agency leaders to turn to for information and resources. They not only can provide valuable insight into how technology-related solutions can help enable local government, but often times, they can also provide you with an in-depth point of view.

As an example of this, the Cisco Government blog recently featured a global series on Cloud for Local Government. With blogs by local government experts from around the world, this thought-provoking series illustrated how cloud strategies can help improve business agility and performance, increase operational efficiency to reduce costs, and enhance and develop on-demand citizen services. If you missed the series, you can visit the Cisco Government Blog site or click here to register for a complete compilation of all the blogs and related resources.

The Cisco Internet of Everything blog is also compelling for local government leaders in that it showcases IoE and how more relevant connections can change the world. For cities in particular, connecting people, process, data, and things can improve the “livability” and sustainability of cities and communities around the world. Additionally, one recent blog by Dave Evans provides some amazing insight on “Why Connections Will Change the World.”

We’re always looking for ideas on which subjects for local government you want to see us cover on our blog sites so we can continue to be among the most useful and insightful blog sites for state and local government IT leaders. If there’s something in particular that you’d like to see us feature or address, let us know.


Brenda Germundson

Global Public Sector Marketing Lead

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