Cisco Live is a series of global conferences that take place around the world. Cisco Live in Las Vegas is coming up the week of July 10th and is our largest gathering oflas-vegas-sign2 customers, IT experts, partners, media specialists, industry analysts and others interested in learning more about Cisco and our offerings.  It serves as Cisco’s state of the union to connect Cisco customers and our partner eco-system with an opportunity to showcase how Cisco is changing the way we live, work, learn and play. This year’s event is expected to draw over 29,000 attendees and will bring together Cisco enthusiasts across all business and public sector segments including government, education, healthcare, public safety, and transportation.

While in the past Cisco Live (formerly known as Networkers) served as a technical training event for network engineers and other individual contributors, Cisco Live has evolved into Cisco’s IT and communications conference with programs designed for all levels of the organization and all of Cisco’s stakeholder segments. From business leader to technical specialist, public and private sector to sales and marketing as well as our customers and partners and media friends from all verticals and all over the global.

For those of us at Cisco, this event allows us to share our excitement in the common belief that there has never been a better time for technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges and that Cisco and our partners are at the forefront of developing new approaches to tackle these issues.

Nowhere is this technological evolution more evident than with the profound and accelerating transformation of business and government priorities to leverage digital technologies. Digital transformation is the critical conversation happening in board rooms and with government leaders today. It was one of the top discussions in the World Economic Forum in Davos this year. For our customers, digital transformation can create new experiences for their customers, enable new (more competitive) business models, and provide enable enhanced security.  At Cisco, we believe that the foundation for digital transformation is the network + security + analytics + automation that we are uniquely positioned to deliver across the data center, cloud, and every endpoint. Cisco is your foundation for digital transformation.

If you are coming to Cisco Live this year, be sure to stop by the Public Safety area in the World of Solutions where we will have a number of experts and demonstrations to further explain this concept of digital transformation and how Cisco and our partners are moving forward in this area. We will be discussing how Cisco can deliver safer communities, schools, campuses and countries in a digital era along with the digital architecture which provides the foundation to connect people, process, data and things together. We will also be joined in the area by BlueLine Grid as well as feature other key partners.

Of special interest may be several short World of Solutions Theater presentations we’re hosting including:

  • Safer Schools & College Campuses in the Digital Era (CISSOL-1087), Monday, July 11 @3:00 pm
  • Safer Communities and Countries in the Digital Era (CISSOL-1086), Tuesday, July 12 @12:15 pm
  • Public Safety Architecture Foundation for Digital (CISSOL-1088), Wednesday, July 13 @2:15 pm

Along with a longer breakout presentation session:

  • Connected Architectures for Public Safety (BRKIOT-1201), Thursday, July 14; 1:00 pm

Visit the Cisco Live site now to learn more.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas.

Thank you

Cisco Public Safety and Cisco Internet of Things Teams


AJ Ramsey

Global Industries Marketing Lead

GMCC-Services Marketing