August 22, 2017


CYBERCOM comes into its own

The creation of CYBERCOM eight years ago demonstrated that the government saw the potential of cyberattacks as a national security threat; the elevation shows that the perceived risk is even greater now — a correct perception, to be sure.

August 14, 2017


What are Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Why Should You Care?

Think of encrypted data packets like locked suitcases going through airline security. Cisco can analyze them without unlocking them.

August 11, 2017


Readiness for Future Wars Aided By Intelligent Networks

We fight the next war with tools created for the last one, but intelligent networks help military forces adapt faster.

August 9, 2017


Build Once, Deliver Anywhere

Formula 1 racing is a highly controlled, technical masterpiece. It demands expert drivers, finely-tuned race cars, top-notch pit crews and world class tracks to draw 300 million viewers per race. But notice: The drivers drive the same car in every race, at every venue. They don’t build a new car for each track. IT applications […]

August 8, 2017


Building Community to Make Life Better

Change can be daunting and smart city achievements are complex. Where does one even begin? Sometimes, it needs to be as simple as just getting started. Earlier this summer, alongside...

August 4, 2017


The Hidden Treasure of the Cyber Executive Order

Training cyber defenders is harder than it used to be. The president's executive order issued in May seeks to address that.

August 3, 2017


How hybrid cloud banishes evil clowns (sort of)

Although cloud security has improved tremendously over the years, public cloud still gives some federal IT managers pause.

July 28, 2017


You Thought Ransomware Was Bad

Attacks that lock systems and encrypt data are just the beginning.