Cheryl Teo

Sales Director

Public Sector, Singapore

Cheryl is the Public Sector Leader for Cisco Systems in Singapore. She is responsible for driving sales and growth across Cisco’s various architectures and services to the esteem clients in Defence, Homeland, Government, Transportation, Education and Healthcare. Passionate and driven, Cheryl is a strong believer in teamwork with a dedication to build high performance team. Cheryl joined Cisco in 2009, starting as an account manager and moved on to be a team lead in education sector. She is also passionate in youth development and collaborate with Cisco’s Network Academy to drive Girls-in-IT program and setting up joint learning labs with the institutions to enable students have access to the latest technology as part of their education. An IT sales veteran of over two decades, Cheryl has gained experience working in both local System Integrator and Multinational companies, providing an end-to-end IT solution to the Public Sector, Financial Services and Commercial Enterprises. She is also a member in Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP). Cheryl has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore. Outside of work, she enjoys trekking with her husband and spending time with her family of 3 kids & a dog.


May 18, 2022


Zero Trust Security for Governments

2 min read

Cisco’s zero-trust solutions seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure, to create a comprehensive security strategy that can secure access across your network and applications, regardless of the user and device, and where they are situated.

March 30, 2022


Securing Hybrid Work in the Public Sector

1 min read

Across both the Public and Private Sectors, the conversation around hybrid work is evolving with the greater widespread adoption of hybrid work as the new norm. The narrative is shifting from solving the challenges of remote work and bringing employees safely back to the office to thriving and innovating in this new work paradigm. However, […]

March 23, 2022


Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

1 min read

Across the globe, we’re seeing the Public Sector amid a historical transition. In most countries, digital technologies are disrupting how agencies deliver services, interact with citizens, and collaborate. In my work with Public Sector customers, I’ve seen the accelerated adoption of technologies such as hybrid cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence, to name […]

February 2, 2022


3 Tips for Secure Government Networks

3 min read

Learn about three key security tips to protect government networks.

December 20, 2021


3 Technology Trends in the Future of Government

2 min read

Learn about three key technology trends that are likely to drive the future of government.