Here at Cisco, we think there’s never been a better time to make cities smarter and Kansas City, Missouri is helping to lead this charge with its smart streetcar debut this week. Kansas City is getting even smarter by tapping into technology advances to change the way people work and live today which is on the go.

Kansas City, Cisco, and other technology partners have been working to develop Smart City applications since 2015 when we signed an agreement to form a public-private partnership aimed at making Kansas City the most comprehensive smart city network in North America. That meant smart lighting, digital kiosks, and a development data porta l- all designed to help solve some of the city’s greatest challenges in the downtown area.

I think one of their coolest projects is the new smart and connected streetcar. The KC Streetcar will connect Kansas City’s downtown, helping to help create an even more vibrant, livable urban center and spur economic growth for the city.


Construction began on the track in May 2014, and the streetcar will officially open to the public this Friday, May 6. There will be four streetcars total, which will run in both directions along a 2-mile downtown route and are free to ride. The streetcar will make 16 stops, all which will have real-time display signs that notify passengers how long until the next streetcar will arrive and where that particular car is heading. Helpful, right? There are also 25 smart kiosks around the downtown area designed to share information, access city services and share public art with Kansas City residents and visitors.


We can’t wait to see this smart solution in action this Friday. Make sure to follow along at @CiscoStateLocal to join the festivities and learn why it’s never been a better time to make smart cities like Kansas City even smarter.


Kim Majerus

Vice President

US Public Sector: State, Local and Education West Area