We recently launched the Network. Intuitive. campaign to introduce an entirely new era of secure networking. Cisco is recognized worldwide for its decades-long leadership in networking infrastructure. And now, we’ve upped the ante with the intent-based Cisco Digital Network Architecture, or DNA.

Waves of people are moving to urban areas, creating a complex set of challenges and introducing an evolving series of change. Digital infrastructure is becoming any city’s most powerful tool in creating a place people want to live and businesses come to grow. Cisco DNA for Cities provides the digital backbone for cities and communities to thrive. With secure connectivity, cities can deliver effective public services, share meaningful interactions with constituents, keep people safer and data protected, innovate faster, and unlock unique opportunities for revenue generation.

Our recent Digital Value at Stake research – which looks at the key areas driving cost savings, efficiencies and revenue generation – finds that cities have an unprecedented $2.3 trillion opportunity over the next half-decade. As important as technology innovation will be to gain higher efficiency and more productivity, benefitting people should be the main driver and the X-factor for pursuing digital transformation. Today, residents, visitors, and employees expect to engage and interact digitally. And when it comes to creating sustainable cities, there’s really no greater task than building smarter communities for people to enjoy and flourish.

Places like Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom exemplify the outstanding possibilities with 128 smart city use cases built on top of one secure network infrastructure. Using data produced by air quality and mobility sensors, people with respiratory issues can share more information with clinicians to receive personalized health and wellness care.

In India, the Jaipur Development Authority considers their intent-based network the foundation of their ‘Digital Rajasthan’ agenda that will transform how they deliver public services to make lives better. As a popular tourist destination attracting over 40 million people each year, Jaipur focuses considerable efforts toward safety, access to information, and engagement experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Facing ongoing safety issues in the eastern part of the state, where the mountainous region causes the rapid development of fog conditions, Tennessee Department of Transportation is using secure, ruggedized networking capabilities to keep roadways safer.

We are more committed than ever to securely connecting everything to make anything possible. Cisco is changing the way people live, work, play, and learn in 120 cities around the world. Visit our digital transformation map to see the showcase of inspiring success stories.



Brenda Germundson

Global Public Sector Marketing Lead

Global Industries Marketing