The International Security Conference & Exhibition – also known as ISC West – is the largest physical


security industry conference in the U.S., covering Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, Biometrics, IP Security, Video Surveillance / CCTV, Networked Security Products and more. At ISC West, held the week of April 4th, over 29,000 attendees discovered the newest security products and security technology from over 1000 international and domestic manufacturing and technology companies. ISC West is the only event that brings the entire security channel together in one place and conference attendees represent over $50 Billion in Buying Power. It provided a great venue for Cisco to promote our presence and solutions to the Safety and Security marketing place and discuss upcoming projects with customers and partners.

While at ISC West 2016, Cisco was able to highlight a number of our solutions and products and feature

Cisco Booth at ISC West 2016

several partners. Cisco’s Connected Safety and Security portfolio is delivering important capabilities to help protect the networks, devices, applications, users and data that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Cisco solutions which where showcased included:

  • The most recent release of our Instant Connect software solution, which includes an integrated phone dialer and live video streaming client now available to customers. Cisco Instant Connect supports public safety, utilities, and industrial customer needs with multivendor, interoperable-broadband technologies and provide the ability to connect different systems that unify P25, LTE and public safety broadband technologies.
  • Keeping schools and students safe and secure is a priority. The Cisco Secure Public Places holistic approach to school safety and security integrates physical security devices with IT infrastructure to secure K – 12 environments and leverage Cisco’s board product portfolio to move security from a forensic tool to a preventative and automated solution.
  • Video Surveillance and analytics are key components of the safety and security of many organizations and Cisco’s Intelligent Video solutions use these elements to provide real-time monitoring of the environment, people and assets providing a recorded record for investigative purposes.
  • Connected Assets for Sites leverages Cisco’s fog computing, industrial router, IP cameras and management software to enable customers to gain visibility and remote management of unmanned assets. Business Intelligence (BI) insights allow optimize operations while improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Cisco Connected Transport is driving greater safety, efficiency and mobility by using Cisco converged networks which enable data sharing across all modes of transportation
  • Safe and Secure Campuses at colleges and universities help create environments where students can thrive. The Cisco holistic approach to safety and security integrates physical security devices with IT infrastructures.

We were also pleased to work with several partners at the show including:

  • In support of Cisco’s IoT strategy, we have teamed with Identiv for access control and identity management. Identiv brings significant experience and capabilities to the physical access control market, and has built up a reputation for open standards, high security and reliability.
  • iOmniscient talked about its IQ Smart Cities initiative and inclusion as a key component in Cisco ‘s Intelligent Video solution.   iOmniscient’s focus is on making cities safe, smart and efficient by pulling together its capabilities in video, sound and smell analytics focused on behavior, license plate recognition and face recognition in a crowd.
  • Rollts Domino which allows users to wear a push to talk device connect via Bluetooth to the Cisco mobile client application. It is a complement to our Instant Connect solution.
  • Davra provides a customer premise or cloud based application enablement platform that takes critical data from the network and any connected devices or sensors and publishes it through an IOT open API making it easy to build and run IoT applications. Davra is an important part of our Connected Transportation solution.
  • azeti SonarWise Remote Site Asset Management maximizes the efficient usage of assets in large scale infrastructures. The combined Cisco/azeti solution provides organizations a comprehensive view of their physical assets, the operational performance, and their energy consumption. In addition, because all data is stored and processed locally at the edge, critical operational intelligence continues to be collected, even if the connection is lost.

As a follow up, Cisco is hosting an Unified Instant Communication webcast on April 19, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT US. Please join us to hear from experts on how the Cisco Instant Connect solution can help you connect sensors to the Internet, make your job easier and reduce cost as we cover:

    • Push to Talk and radio integration
    • Public Safety and Private LTE Devices & LTE Networks
    • Radio Migration to Converged all IP based P25 networks

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