Author: AJ Ramsey, Global Public Sector Marketing

iwceThe International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) was held in Las Vegas the week of March 21st with over 7000 attendees at this year’s event. IWCE is one of the premier events of the year for communication professionals and Cisco along with a number of our partners demonstrated a variety next-generation public safety solutions based on open standards, secure networks, and Internet of Things technologies. Cisco also provided several presentations and participated on multiple panel discussions discussing our next generation instant communications solutions using private and public networks that are available to government and enterprise customers.

IWCEboothIWCE was a great showcase for Cisco’s newest release of our Instant Connect software solution, which includes an integrated phone dialer and live video streaming client now available to customers. Cisco Instant Connect supports public safety, utilities, and industrial customer needs with multivendor, interoperable-broadband technologies and provide the ability to connect different systems that unify P25, LTE and public safety broadband technologies.

Other partner solutions in the booth which also drew interest included:

  • Etherstack demonstrated how legacy base stations can be reprogramed for P25 narrowband along with Cisco highlighting the Virtualized Enhanced Packet Core as a software application to route data over LTE networks
  • A live Band Class 14 system based on Parallel Wireless LTE in a box solution
  • Sonim Ultra Rugged phones on Band Class 14 using Cisco Instant Connect push to talk software
  • Dial connect product form Technuf that allows push to talk users to easily make and receive telephone calls
  • Rollts Domino which allows users to wear a push to talk device connect via Bluetooth to the Cisco mobile client application
  • HigherGround providing best-in-class recording for incident reconstruction in public safety and performance monitoring in contact centers.

As a follow up, Cisco is hosting an Unified Instant Communication webcast on April 19, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT US. Please join us to hear from experts on how the Cisco Instant Connect solution can help you connect sensors to the Internet, make your job easier and reduce cost as we cover:

  • Push to Talk and radio integration
  • Public Safety and Private LTE Devices
  • Public Safety and Private LTE Networks
  • Radio Migration to Converged all IP based P25 networks

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Kacey Carpenter

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Global Government and Public Sector Marketing