Happy new year! – well at least here at Cisco. As Cisco embarks on Fiscal Year ‘21, we take a deep breath and reflect on the last 12 months. Looking back over this past year, the world has changed more than any of us could have predicted.  Long-awaited summer trips have been replaced with staycations, school districts are faced with making difficult ‘back-to-school’ decisions, and many of us have discovered the unexpected challenges of working from home. Virtually every aspect of the world looks different as Cisco begins its new fiscal year, and financial services is no different.

Fortunately, financial services institutions are better equipped than ever to handle this latest global tilt.  Financial Services is no stranger to disruption: From the introduction of innovative solutions like ATM’s, credit cards, or mobile banking to more unpredictable disruptions like flash crashes, market bubbles, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, financial services has served communities and businesses throughout. So, what does this latest disruption mean for FY21?

From a Cisco-internal perspective it means communicating with our customers through Webex, rather than in your offices or at events. We adapt and expand our conversations from “how to build the branch of the future” to “how to extend your branch to remote / home office bankers”.  As a financial services institution, you face another transformative year. The sustainability of long-term work from home will be debated. Judgement calls will be made on when is the right time to reopen branches and how many customers and employees will be allowed inside. While these will be challenging decisions to make, this next year is a prime opportunity to differentiate your organization as a leader in both the communities you serve and in the industry.

Undoubtedly the future holds more change; however, as we set in motion our strategies to deliver value and help each of our FSI customers succeed in these uncertain times, we know many of you will be doing the same for your own customers.  We look forward to being your trusted partner on this journey.

Happy new year everyone! Visit cisco.com/go/fsi for more updates on how Cisco’s Financial Services Team will continue to lead the way and assist each of you in making this next fiscal year your strongest one yet.




Heidi Surdyk

Global Marketing Specialist

Financial Services