I love witnessing history! Villanova became only the fourth team in history to win all six games on their way to National Champions by double digit margins.  Not only were they an offensive juggernaut of a team, but they locked down every team they faced with relentless defensive intensity that was unmatched by their opponents.   While I enjoyed the  incredible basketball played this year; what jumped out to me, was how much the NCAA has changed the fan experience.

For the championship game we had the options of watching the national telecast, the local college telecasts, a point of view live stream from a sideline camera or a virtual reality experience of the game via the NCAA website.  Not to mention the countless microphones and in-depth information we had access to online.  I even watched a portion of the tournament on my iPad via a live stream from a sideline reports cell phone.

Financial Services firms have been laser focused just as much on the customer experience for some time now, bringing new technologies and ways for customers to access important information however and whenever they want.  This got me thinking about that sideline reporter live streaming a game via her cell phone.  To continue the strides in customer experience financial services firms, need to digitally evolve and transform their workplaces and workforce so they can provide customers with services and experiences like never before.

The days of the “spray and pray” teller referral or associate’s cross-selling the same product over and over are gone.  Financial service firms need to empower their employees with the analytics and data necessary to make timely and relevant referrals and sales.  They need to be able to access information from back office to frontline without pause.  Customers are no longer willing to wait for resolution or answers, and this places employee’s in uncomfortable positions.  By granting employees access to collaboration tools, analytics, and information sharing, not only are you improving your branches efficiency, but you are shifting to a much higher value of service and defending against competition.

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Danny Vicente

Global Lead - Sports, Media, and Entertainment

Global Private Sector Industries