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Expanding Meraki Simplicity into Communications

Meraki has always focused on simplifying powerful technology so our users can focus on their own mission. Originally, cloud managed wireless allowed users to deploy large, sophisticated wireless networks and reach more people. The results speak for themselves. From our humble beginnings with our first wireless access point back in 2006, our global customer base has grown to over 120,000 worldwide.

Meraki users have guided our expansion from wireless to networking to infrastructure including security, routing, switching and mobile device management. Simplifying infrastructure has been incredibly compelling, allowing them to focus on educational initiatives, shopper experience, hotel guest services and operational efficiencies around the globe.

Once again, Meraki users have spoken passionately. They need enterprise communications to be simpler. We’re extremely excited about entering this market with our first cloud-managed voice platform. This completes our transition from Cloud-Managed Wireless through Cloud-Managed Networking to Cloud-Managed IT.Simplifying IT with Cloud Management

Meraki Formula

Why has Meraki’s model been so much simpler than anything else available? A cloud-based dashboard that provides IT managers with a “single-pane-of-glass” to manage Meraki devices across the enterprise. But the Meraki dashboard isn’t just an overlay. The true magic of the Meraki formula comes from a seamless blending of hardware, software and cloud technologies. We design Meraki devices from the ground up to work seamlessly with our cloud, providing users with a single simple dashboard to manage their entire site.

All of this technology is really just a means to an end, and that’s where simplicity comes in. Instead of sending someone to a branch office to configure a network or change a security setting, an IT manager can simply log in to the Meraki dashboard and make the changes remotely. Need to troubleshoot a network remotely? No problem. Need to set up a new branch office? Easy. Trouble with remote security posture? Piece of cake.

Introducing Cloud-Managed Communications

A rapidly growing number of IT teams depend on the Meraki Dashboard to manage their infrastructure. More and more of them have been asking if we could do the same thing to simplify their voice networks. Meraki users can be incredibly persuasive.

The result is the new phone, the Meraki MC. As you’d expect, it’s designed to deliver the same simplicity and ease-of-management Meraki customers have come to expect. Here are four things you need to know about the Meraki phone:Meraki Communications

  • Single-Pane-of-Glass: It’s managed from the same “single-pane-of-glass” dashboard as the rest of the Meraki portfolio, including wireless, security, switching and mobile device management.
  • Three Elements: The platform is built on a SIP-based architecture and the solution is comprised of the endpoint, cloud license and SIP service from designated service providers.
  • Availability: It’s available immediately in the United States, with other countries coming on board over time. (We’re in the process of partnering with service providers around the world to deliver the SIP capabilities that underpin the solution. Once that happens we’ll announce local availability.)
  • Integration: The Cisco Meraki team is working on integrating with Cisco Collaboration solutions like Cisco Spark to enable a complete mobile collaboration solution. Cisco Meraki is also working on integration with other leading IT tools and platforms.

Focus on Users

In this industry, it’s easy to focus on the newest technology, or aggressive competitors, analysts or the media. We believe that a maniacal focus on users is our true north. What do we hear?

  • Simplicity – less is better: Functionality no one can turn-on might as well not exist. Every IT dollar spent on complexity that can’t be leveraged is wasted.
  • Do more with less: IT groups have fewer resources and need to do more with less. Specifically, they need fewer systems that do more, less hardware on-site, and just enough complexity to get the job done.
  • Technology for the future: Technology teams are investing in cloud systems, modern collaboration and high performing connectivity to make their infrastructure simple. This simplicity frees them to focus on the digitization of their businesses, schools and organizations.

We think Meraki’s MC is by far the easiest to manage voice system on the market. We believe by providing users a voice system managed on the same platform as networking and security we’ve changed the game.

Expanding the Stack

This phone release is so special because these devices are managed exactly the same way and in the same Dashboard as the rest of the Meraki IT stack. This converges networking, security, enterprise mobility management and now voice onto one IT platform.Mobility Continues to Explode

With that in mind, we’re also adding new wireless access points and Ethernet switches to our product lines. Our two new indoor access points will be the highest-end, highest density APs we’ve ever built. They provide higher capacity, connect more devices and support more voice and video streams than ever before…So much, they won’t be able to reach their full potential on a single gigabit link, so we’re also releasing a new Multigigabit Ethernet switch and two new 10Gbps fiber switches.

Managing more with fewer systems will free IT groups to focus on what really matters to them instead of another cumbersome management platform. We know this is what users around the world have been asking for. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

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  1. Great!, Perhaps LiFi will also be integrated in the future.
    Best regards..

  2. We “test drove” Meraki in 2009 and it was very impressive at that time. The big holdup then was a layer 3 switch was not available(?). well, fast forward to 2016 and our network is now a layer 2 VPN conflagration, and Meraki is getting a second look. The continued expansion of Meraki offerings shows me Cisco has committed to the enterprise and this is not a purchase and kill off of SDN initiatives. 🙂

  3. Very intriguing new piece to the Meraki success formula. This looks to be a nice differentiator and addition to the cloud managed solutions play.

  4. Congratulations! This was a key missing piece in the portfolio to really address small and Micro enterprises. In developing economies like South Africa, pricing will be key to success!

  5. Personally, I was hoping for a cloud managed PBX, but now I’m waiting eagerly for the availability of MC in Germany! Hopefully that won’t take too long …

  6. Great news will add value to our cloud offerings

  7. This is Awesome! Even as a HCS provider this fits well in the continuum of voice services that love the Cisco Brand!!! This gives us ways to address customers that are very Cisco aware and fans a future path to HCS! …Thank You!